May 23, 2024

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Delayed and canceled flights: Here are the American airlines to avoid

Delayed and canceled flights: Here are the American airlines to avoid

Flight delays or cancellations: When it comes time to travel you need to choose your airline carefully, otherwise you risk starting your vacation on the wrong foot.

Fortunately, a study based on data from the American Bureau of Transportation Statistics set out to calculate the arrivals of 10 airlines from our southern neighbor, but reported that Quebecers use them regularly. The New York Post on wednesday

In this landscape, airline Delta and its regional subsidiary SkyWest were named the most punctual companies, with 82.61% and 82.46% of flights on time, respectively, just 16, 17% and 16.01% of flights late and 1.02% and 1.22% of flights in 2023, according to a NerdWallet analysis. have been cancelled.

With only 0.81% of flights canceled and 19.42% of delays in 2023, United Airlines closely follows Alaska Airlines in fourth place with 1.4% of its canceled flights and 20.27% of delayed flights.

In contrast, Frontier Airlines was unimpressed, with almost a third of its flights delayed (30.71%) and 2.13% canceled, leaving only 67% of its flights per hour.

The company is closely followed by JetBlue, which was named the country's worst airline the previous year. Wall Street Journal For his punctuality issues.

In fact, JetBlue only had 67% of flights on time in 2023, 30.4% of flights were delayed and 2.1% were canceled.

The analysis comes shortly after the federal Department of Transport announced that American airlines will now be required to reimburse passengers immediately — and in full — when a flight is canceled, according to American media.

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To avoid delays, it is recommended to book a flight early in the morning when the flight is already at the airport and avoid the chances of the flight being delayed and disrupting your schedule as much as possible. As advised NerdWallet NY Post.

Here's the full list of the most up-to-date US airlines in 2023 NY Post:

1-Delta Airlines

82.61% on time, 16.17% late, 1.02% canceled flights

2- Skywest Airlines

82.46% on time, 16.01% late, 1.22% canceled flights

3-Alaska Airlines

79.48% on time, 19.42% delayed, 0.81% canceled flights

4-United Airlines

78.07% on time, 20.27% late, 1.4% flights cancelled

5-Southwest Airlines

77.25% on time, 21.55% delayed, 1% canceled flights

6-American Airlines

75.94% on time, 22.74% delayed, 1.06% canceled flights

7-Hawaiian Airlines

75.2% on time, 23.41% delayed, 1.3% canceled flights

8-Spirit Airlines

69.51% on time, 28.59% late, 1.7% flights cancelled

9-Jet Blue

67% on time, 30.4% late, 2.1% flights cancelled

10-Frontier Airlines

67% on time, 30.71% late, 2.13% flights cancelled

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