April 16, 2024

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A retired Navy captain apologizes after live streaming racial slurs

A retired Navy captain apologizes after live streaming racial slurs

A retired US Navy captain has resigned from the US Naval Academy Alumni Association. A statement said he was accidentally aired on Facebook after he heard racist insults during a conversation with his wife.

When Scott Bethman and his wife, Nancy, were discussing the Black Lives Matter movement while watching TV, Bethmann mentioned the N-word when the couple began using vulgar language. News 4 Jacks reports.

He and his wife seem to be discussing how some major corporations have issued racist statements, which, according to the news release, received a copy of the record.

Bethmann asks, “We support, we support. Every company has come out with their word,” News4Jax reported. “I have received an email saying how, we support, we need to fix this problem.

He adds: “White m —- f — s cannot say anything. Nancy’s doing just that. “
Bethman’s wife says: “Asians from China want to steal all our intellectual property,” according to the store.

The 30-minute-long video cuts when Bethman begins to read comments on his phone.

“Somehow I clicked some live event,” he says. “What are they talking about?”

Bethman’s Facebook page was removed on Saturday.

A family spokesman said in a statement: “There are no words that can properly express how awful and apologetic my wife and I are about the sensational things we’ve captured on social media.

Bethmann continues, “There is no right time to use insulting words when talking about our fellow man. An apology from us sounds hollow in our community, especially in the current context,” Bethmann continues.

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“We want to use this experience as an opportunity to grow, listen, learn and reflect. We are deeply sorry for the impact our actions have had on the Naval Academy, my fellow soldiers and women, our former colleagues, friends, family and the entire community. “

The Jacksonville chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association confirmed that Bethmann, who served as chapter treasurer and national trustee, has resigned.

“The nature of those comments is consistent with our volunteer leadership work in the Jacksonville chapter of the National Alumni Association of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association, and it does not represent the leadership values ​​of our Naval Academy or the United States Navy.” The Alumni Association said in a Facebook post.

It echoes the words of “Superintendent, Vice Adm. Sean S. Buck, courtesy, courage and commitment and the work of the United States Naval Academy. There is no discrimination in those values.”

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