April 18, 2024

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Rookie guard ‘did what he thought’ in George Floyd’s death

Rookie guard 'did what he thought' in George Floyd's death

One of the policemen charged with the death of George Floyd “did exactly what he thought,” his lawyer said Monday – blaming Derek Chuvv, the officer on the knee-to-neck.

Thomas Lane’s fourth day working with the Minneapolis Police Department helped lead the 46-year-old Floyd to death, leading to a camera-caught death that sparked protests around the world.

Lane lawyer Earl Gray “did exactly what he thought” He said on Monday’s “Today” program.

“He didn’t look near me. He got on his feet because the boy first resisted, ”he insisted to the 37-year-old rookie, who was fired and later arrested and charged with three others involved.

Chouvie was filmed for nearly nine minutes with a knee to Floyd’s neck – for almost three minutes, the 46-year-old was completely unresponsive after repeatedly pleading, “I can’t breathe.”

Gray said Lane had questioned his lofty decision to back a clearly distressed suspect – but felt he had to follow his high command.

“When he gets on his feet, he says to Chuvov, ‘Well, can he roll because he says he can’t breathe?’ Suv’s says, ‘Gray said.

“Now, if you’ve ever been in the military, you ask your sergeant if we should do something. He says no. I’m not going to do this anyway. I don’t think so, ”Gray insisted.

The four officers at the scene
The four officers at the scene

Lloyd, Sauvignon and two other officers – Alexander Kueng and Duo Tao – were fired from Minnesota police in connection with Floyd’s death.

Sauvin will appear in his first court appearance Monday on charges of second-degree murder and second-degree murder.

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Others are charged with aiding and abetting a second degree murder and aiding and abetting a second degree murder.

Under Minnesota law, the charges are equivalent to a second-degree murder charge, so Tao, Lane and Kueng face the same sentence as Chuv – a maximum of 40 years in prison – if convicted.

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