April 23, 2024

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A Texas prosecutor admitted to staying at the judge’s car at home

A Texas prosecutor admitted to staying at the judge's car at home

A Texas lawyer and a district judge are facing charges of tampering with a judge’s car – an act of retaliation for an order to stay home amid the COVID-19 epidemic, he said.

Eric Yolik, a lawyer from The Woodlands, who is contesting for Montgomery County 47Th The district court has agreed not to plead guilty to criminal mischief in the March 27 incident. Montgomery County Judge Mark Keefe left his office in Conroe.

“I threw an egg at Judge Keefe’s car,” Yolik told The Post in an interview. “I did this for the right reasons. Mark needs to get this message because he doesn’t listen. “

Yolik said Kieff threw eggs in a Lexus SUV in late March on a judge’s “unconstitutional” shelter order, which ran until April 17, according to the Keefe office.

Yolik originally wanted to give Keefe the egg in a symbolic gesture to “lay an egg” with the order, but he found a judge and took a different approach.

“I’m not angry or anything,” Yolik said. “It’s a humorous gesture to friends: நீங்கள் You put an egg in Montgomery County, so here’s an egg for you. ‘ “

Yolik said she asked a female friend to take a photo with her before getting the paper towels to clean up the mess. Yolick offered the judge $ 20 to wash the car, but Keefe denied the offer, the lawyer said.

A few hours later, Yolik said he went to Keefe’s house and saw the couple hugging and putting the incident behind them. Yolik said the couple were “good friends,” adding that Keefe was pastor at the church he attended.

But the fictional new story of April Fools’ Day later emerged in Golden Hammer, an online publication previously owned by Yolik, which further complicates the split.

The story, which is no longer available, says Yoelick, who in the Montgomery County playfully accused Keefe of martial law.

Yolik’s critical Facebook posts in response to Keefe’s order angered the judge, he said.

“This is a revenge of Mark Keefe because he does not want to be criticized for his lock-up orders,” said Yolik, who will be fined $ 150 on the charge.

Yolik is scheduled to appear in court on October 7. He said he had no plans to quit the race for district judge.

“No, I’m going to win the race, no way,” Yolik said Tuesday. “If anything, it shows that I am committed to the rule of law and the constitution.”

The chief of the Keef staff, meanwhile, is Told the Houston Chronicle The judge saw Yolik throw the egg in his SUV.

Keefe approached police after the incident, but staff chief Jason Millsaps told the newspaper that he wanted to wait after the Corona virus infection took up too much of his time and was told there were two-year restrictions on the misdemeanor charge.

Millsaps, who declined to comment Tuesday, declined to elaborate because of the ongoing investigation, but confirmed the account provided to the Chronicle.

“It is unfortunate that he is not just the judge’s car, but anyone’s car for that matter, people’s cars,” Millsaps said.

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