June 24, 2024

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According to Vincent Guzo, not enough help

According to Vincent Guzo, not enough help

Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt on Thursday sought to end “popcorngate” by announcing that financial aid could be sought to offset the loss of revenue caused by the ban on the sale of popcorn in their companies in the movies.

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But this compensation offer did not satisfy some film operators.

“As we speak, my position does not change compared to yesterday [mercredi]. I will not open my cinemas on February 26 because there is currently no logical and viable offer from the government, ”Vincent Gujo ruled on Thursday afternoon.

The Quebec Cinemas Owners’ Association (EPCQ) was more cautious, refusing to comment “as the details of this compensation have been verified with the government and discussed with its members”.

“However, talks with the government indicate a positive outcome that will allow Quebec Cinemas to reopen on February 26,” the email to APCQ Journal Thursday.

On the anonymous situation, many movie theater owners said Journal Wait until you get more information on financial aid terms before deciding whether or not to open next week.

“Repacked Gift”

Just minutes before Franకోois Legalt announced that he was going to compensate theater operators for popcorn losses, Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon hinted on Twitter that movies could still take advantage of AERAM, a loan that can be as long as 90 days or less when a program resumes operations.

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“Thanks to Mr. Legalt for this beautiful repackaged gift, but in fact, we already have access to this $ 15,000 history of popcorn,” Vincent Guzo recalled.

Unlike companies in the Red Zone, cinemas in areas of the Orange Zone will be able to operate their food counters as soon as they reopen on February 26th. According to APCQ, sales of popcorn and food represent 50% to 80% of movie theater revenue.

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