April 23, 2024

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Adele lost weight, are we allowed to praise it?

Adele posts surprise Instagram birthday picture

When he first exploded on the scene with his debut album “19” in 2008, the British singer was knocked because of the plus size.

Then he lost weight, but it didn’t seem enough for some people.

Adele replied.

“I never wanted to look like a model on the cover of a magazine,” said 23 years to People. “I represent the majority of women and I am very proud of that.”

Around the same time, he discussed body image with CNN Anderson Cooper during the “60 Minutes” interview and said he never felt the pressure to be seen in a certain way.

“I’ve never seen a magazine cover and seen a music video and like, I want to look like that if I want to succeed,” she says.

In the years since, Adele has risen to a greater level as an artist. She also became a mother, married and divorced.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday to celebrate her birthday, Adele, now 32, looks thinner than she has ever had since she became famous.

We as a society love before and after when it concerns our star. Every celebrity transformation, physical or otherwise, often leads to our public judgment whether it is good or bad. But does praising Adele’s current appearance somehow criticize her previous appearance? Or do we only acknowledge transformation?

Not that Adele is thinner has not been criticized.

Adele’s last photo caused a lot of rumors by several people on social media, where people had considered her weight loss in January.

That’s when TMZ published a part the headline “ADELE NOW FANS SAYS HE GETTED THIN … Cannot please everyone.”

Comments on Adele appear slimmer after photos were published about her on the beach in the British region of Anguilla.

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Chalk one for you can’t win because you lose.

With celebrities, it seems like many feel entitled to comment more freely about them because we buy their music, or watch their films. We know them but we don’t Tofu them, so what’s wrong with sharing opinions about them?

But Adele’s body is his. How he chooses to see is also his own business and not a reflection of his art, extraordinary talents or professional achievements. He sold millions of albums, had four Billboard No. hits 1, won 15 Grammys and sold countless stadiums – all of various sizes.

Yes, Adele has lost weight. But up or down on the scale, she remains a beautiful woman who creates beautiful art.

“There is a bigger problem happening in the world than how I feel about myself and things like that,” Adele said about her body image in a 2015 interview.

Amen, Adele. Amen

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