May 19, 2024

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An American baker lost a diamond worth US$4,000 in a batch of cookies

An American baker lost a diamond worth US$4,000 in a batch of cookies

An American baker who lost the center diamond from her wedding ring in a batch of cookies on Friday was criticized for not wearing gloves, after appealing to the public to try to find the precious stone.

“My diamond is gone. My heart is broken. I wore it for 36 years. […] “I'm sorry if you find it, according to the New York Post, but I'm not taking my ring off for anything,” Dawn “Sis” Monroe lamented on the Facebook page of her bakery Sis Sweets Cookies and Cafe. .”

Last Friday, the owner of a small Kansas bakery called on her customers to try to find the main gemstone of her wedding ring, estimated to be worth US$4,000, a raw biscuit during its manufacture.

After mixing the ingredients for batches of chocolate chip, sugar and peanut butter cookies, the baker realizes that something dear to his heart has disappeared.

“I was crying, and all [mon mari] “I had to say, 'You still have me,' so things got better,” the owner told local station KMBC 9. “I didn't want anyone to break a tooth!”

While many Internet users were quick to offer their support to the woman, some of them pointed out that she was not wearing gloves when handling the food — which is not required for cooked products, as required by Kansas state health codes. , she reportedly recalled.

However, we read on Facebook that the company used 19 gloves last year, representing 19,000 gloves, “for those of you who are concerned about the use of gloves in our bakery.”

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“Note that our health check results are still available online […] Our facilities can be inspected any day, any time, without notice. We are always ready!”, she insisted.

Nearly a week after the diamond's disappearance, it still hasn't been recovered, though the woman has allegedly received a gift of free cookies, as well as her eternal gratitude to whoever brought it back.

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