April 16, 2024

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An emergency escape plan if the SpaceX mission goes south

An emergency escape plan if the SpaceX mission goes south

Space travel is dangerous, but entrepreneurs Elon Musk and NASA have done everything they can to protect two senior astronauts that exploded on Saturday in the first manned commercial mission.

First, the bad news: according to NASA and SpaceX, the Musk’s aerospace maker that developed the rocket, the mission has a 1-in-276 chance of being dangerous.

Now, good news: there is a 60-to-1 chance that this mission will fail, but astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behrgan still survive Business Insider reported.

How good are the odds of staying alive?

Due to the emergency abortion system in the Crew Dragon capsule, it is designed to move away from the Falcon 9 rocket if it goes south.

Later, the Crew Dragon shoots eight Super Draco engines and gets Hurley and Behrgun as far away as possible.

Once it’s clear, the dragon will land four giant parachutes and head to the Atlantic Ocean, where rescue crews will chase astronauts.

Don’t worry, Musk and his engineers have tested this maneuver more than once – but of course, not with the astronauts inside.

“Space is difficult. You’re doing what you can,” Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell told the Post.

“Falcon 9 is not a new rocket. It flew 80 times and exploded only once. This is very reliable when rockets go. The new thing is the human crew. This raises the stakes – or retirement of a lot of risk – to the same thing as NASA jargon. “

Hurley and Behanken are clear on the right things because they have risks.

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“I think we’re very comfortable with that,” Behanken Told Business Insider Earlier this month.

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