April 18, 2024

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Chris Cuomo’s ratings are falling

Chris Cuomo's ratings are falling

Americans have spoken with their clickers – and they are sick of the Chris and Andrew Cuomo show.

Chris Cuomo has been using it with his governor’s bro during an almost daily “check-in” on his CNN show since the Corona virus began to destroy New York – and the US wants to stop it.

At first, Shtik was successful. Estimates rose to an all-time high on March 30, with 862,000 daily visitors in the 25-54-year-old population. But since then, step The Daily Mail, Ratings for Cuomo Prime Time have dropped, and Chris has fallen 50 percent since recovering from COVID.

While all cable news shows have seen ratings fall due to COVID fatigue, Cuomo particularly has been “mocking” his older brother with “often funny and unsubstantiated interviews” in which they fought over their mother’s most loved ones; Andrew’s “Double Barrel Shotgun” nose, and Andrew’sSingle position. “

Thousands of New Yorkers have died of coronavirus, as ratings are made for laughter.

Gwomez was attacked again last week by Queens lawmaker Eric Ulrich, who is seeking a city council hearing. Cuomo dealt with the Covite-19 crisis in hospitals, where more than 5,800 elderly people died.

“So far, the governor has avoided answering serious questions about his decision. The recent humiliation he appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time is very humiliating, ”Ulrich said.

“The magazine, which is really aimed at restoring confidence in the media, will hold Andrew Cuomo responsible for these misdeeds,” said David A Graham wrote Atlantic This week. “The problem comes when efforts to extract juice assessments begin to get in the way of an accurate press accountability of officials.”

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“The View” host Megan McCain also blasted the Pros Twitter In the Nursing Home Crisis, journalist Nicholas Fontagaro, who released a clip of Cuomo, said: “Instead of asking his brother YNYGovCuomo, Kovid decided to put the sick in nursing homes, kill countless people, and hug Krisquomo out of his massive nostrils. This is the status of the magazine’s magazine on @CNN. “

Chris Cuomo’s hypocritical behavior has caused viewers to be upset over hair stimulation during the epidemic.

At the end of April, CNN aired a video of Cuomo “Reappears“From the isolation in the basement of his Hampton mansion, he asked why the victim’s masked Cuomo was breaking up, even though Cuomo came out a week ago and was in East Hampton with a” jackass-fired fat-tire biker. “

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