May 19, 2024

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Canada Revenue Agency: Many accounts are locked

Canada Revenue Agency: Many accounts are locked

The Revenue Agency of Canada (CRA) has recently locked the accounts of several citizens, information such as their username and password may have been compromised.

On February 16, many taxpayers received notices that their email addresses had been removed from their online file. Since then, it is no longer possible for these individuals to log into their account, but the tax period is upon us. CRA declined to specify a number, but, accordinglyNational Post, More than 100,000 accounts have been suspended.

The CRA guarantees that you will not be a victim of a cyber attack again.

Keep in mind that between July and August, the ARC faced several computer attacks. About 48,500 personal information may have been compromised in these incidents. Since then, the company says it has tightened its security measures.

Precautionary action

CRA claims to have locked up, this time, the affected accounts as a “preventive measure”. Following an “internal analysis”, the company found that some security information may have been “compromised and made available to unauthorized persons”.

“These supporting documents [ID utilisateur et mots de passe] Not compromised due to breach in agency systems. Instead, they were obtained from external sources for the agency through various means, ”a spokesman replied in an email, without elaborating on the dubious channels.

The information in the relevant accounts however is not compromised, assuring the tax authorities.

Impact on benefits

CRA said it was currently communicating with all affected account holders with the goal of unlocking. For some, this situation will have an impact on the payment of Canadian emergency benefits.

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“Taxpayers are emergency beneficiaries and do not need to contact us urgently unless they have active claims in our system,” the company said.

The victim of this condition is mentioned Journal Waiting for hours on the phone to talk to a CRA officer about his file was to no avail.

CRA urges Canadians to monitor their accounts for suspicious activity.

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