April 18, 2024

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Chemicals used by police COVID-19: CDC Director

Chemicals used by police COVID-19: CDC Director

The head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that the chemicals that control the police crowd can spread the bipolar coronavirus – and he will raise the matter with the White House Working Group.

CDC Director Robert Redfield told the House Appropriations Committee that George Floyd’s protests nationwide would become a “seeding event” for Kovid-19, and noted high anti-exchange rates in some cities where protests were taking place.

“Cough can certainly spread respiratory viruses, including COVID-19,” Redfield said.

He agreed with Representative Mark Bogan (D-Wis.) That chemicals that control crowds can make people bored.

“This has been my experience,” he said.

“I think you’re raising an important point,” Redfield told Pokனmon. “I will forward this idea to the next working committee meeting.”

Outside the White House and across the country, police used capsaicin-based compounds, including pepper spray and pepper balls, in tight packed crowds.

Smoke canisters, similar-looking tear gas and flash-bang grenades are common, resulting in respiratory symptoms.

Protesters set fire to themselves and set fire to buildings and plastic-filled garbage bins, emitting fumes.

“We vehemently supported the ability of protesters to get face masks and masks so they could at least keep those envelopes, but you raise an important question,” Redfield told Bokan about police chemicals.

The CDC director told lawmakers he was worried about how the protests would affect the epidemic, which has sickened nearly 2 million Americans and killed nearly 110,000.

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Redfield said protesters should check the virus.

“The first thing I would like to see is that those who participated in or protested these peaceful protests, especially if they were in the metropolis, don’t really control the explosion as much as we would like – DC in Minneapolis still has a significant exchange – DC is another – to put those people into consideration. We want to, ”Redfield said.

“Unfortunately, I think there is a possibility this could be a seeding event.”

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