April 20, 2024

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The UCF professor is under investigation for ‘black privilege’ tweets

The UCF professor is under investigation for ‘black privilege’ tweets

School officials said a Florida professor was being investigated for the news, citing “black privilege” in several controversial posts on race amid national protests over George Floyd’s death.

Recent tweets from the personal account of Charles Negi, associate professor and author of the University of Central FloridaWhite shame: bullying on the basis of prejudice, virtue-signaling and ignorance”- Assessed Thursday by school officials after students and alumni invited him to leave.

“Being radically anti-racist means calling and confronting racist comments,” UCF Said in the statement Thursday. “We are aware of Charles Negi’s recent personal Twitter posts, which are completely contrary to UCF values.”

Public university officials in Orlando have reviewed the matter “with a view to the First Amendment.”

In separate tweets on Wednesday, Negi cited “black privilege” as one, while comparing African Americans and Asian Americans directly with another.

“Black privilege is real: apart from affirmation. It is a privilege to defend action, special scholarships and other packages from systematic criticism,” Negi tweeted.

On the other, Negi tweeted: “Faithful question: If Afr. Americans as a group have the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, doing better academically, earning more, committing fewer crimes), are we still declaring that there is a legitimate racist image? “

The professor’s tweets were preserved until Thursday afternoon, meaning users had to request access from him to view his posts.

Meanwhile, Neji acknowledged Thursday that his remarks were controversial, but insisted he was protected by the First Amendment. Orlando Sentinel Reports.

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“That’s the beauty of it,” he wrote in an email.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Negi joined UCF in 1998, According to his university webpage. He told the Sentinel that he did not know whether UCF had begun a formal investigation into its positions, though he insisted he was not concerned about its possible consequences.

“[Administrators know] No matter how unpopular my opinions are with some, they are not the US. We must actively oppose the free speech of the constitution, ”Negi told the newspaper.

In addition to those calling for the shooting of Negi #UCFfirehim hashtag On Twitter, there are more than 2,800 people Signed online petition Release him until Thursday.

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