April 16, 2024

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Chinese military ships near Taiwan could trigger US conflict

Chinese military ships near Taiwan could trigger US conflict

The Chinese Communist Party is preparing two new aircraft carriers on the Taiwan coast, which could lead to military confrontation with US ships in the region, as the relationship between the two global powers has been plagued by trade issues and the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report.

The Liaoning and Shandong ships, part of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, are conducting military readiness exercises in the Yellow Sea, but the invasion is expected to fly to the South China Sea to Prathas Island for fake war. The CCP-controlled Global Times reports.

Noting that Chinese President Xi Jinping has regional control over most of the waterways and has no respect for the sovereignty of countries in the region, such as Taiwan, “the risk of a military conflict in the South China Sea involving the US and China is likely to increase significantly over the next eighteen months,” Foreign Relations Council In a statement released last week.

The think-tank said the US had a “strong interest” in preventing China from gaining control over the South China Sea to open the waterway for navigation and to secure international supply chains.

“At least one of the claimants to the rival territory of the Philippines is at risk of being dragged into a military confrontation with China in the region as a result of U.S. defense treaty obligations,” the council said.

Shandong aircraft carrier
Shandong aircraft carrierXinhua News Agency / Getty Images

President Trump has accused Beijing of misleading the world with the coronavirus epidemic, provoking Shih over China’s trade policies, saying it was stacked against US corporations.

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Trump told “Fox Business” earlier this month that “we can sever the whole relationship” with China.

Those comments led to the accusation that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pushed the two countries “to the brink of a new Cold War.”

“China has no intention of changing the United States, and even less,” Wang said. “It is time for the United States to abandon its wishful thinking about replacing China and stopping 1.4 billion people on its historic journey to modernization.”

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