April 16, 2024

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The Biden campaign shifts to economic talking points before the election

The Biden campaign shifts to economic talking points before the election

Predictable Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign seems to be pointing to a tricky headline that the president hopes for before the general election: the economy.

A group of former vice presidents plan to argue that President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus has had a serious economic impact and that Biden is the best leader to lead the economy to full recovery. According to The Hill.

Biden’s allies told the store that the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic is effectively allowing the economy to be in bad hands under the current commander.

The move is not entirely surprising, as 2020 candidates stand on both issues and voters.

With the Corona virus strategy centered on Trump’s economic recovery, it would be highly prudent to focus on reopening, betting that financial concerns will override health concerns in late summer.

Biden, meanwhile, argued that the economy will not hold back until people feel safe to go to work.

The priorities of the two have been made clear to voters in the midst of a global health emergency.

A new Fox News poll It showed that Biden would do a better job with 17 points on health issues, and voters believed the Corona virus by 9 points. Trump, on the other hand, is more confident by voters to bring the country to economic recovery.

On Friday, Biden slandered Biden in response to the epidemic, arguing that “his recession costs lives and costs jobs and our ability to recover,” and warns that the economic recovery is “a long way off.”

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Responding to the president and his GOP allies urging businesses to reopen, the 2020 Democratic Party said that “the way to fix the economy is to get the public health response right.”

Biden’s associates have argued that his past work in the successful handling of the $ 787 billion economic stimulus package in 2009 should be brought about by the former VP. According to the New York Times.

Biden only briefly mentioned the stimulus package on the 2020 track, but the report said there was widespread agreement in the campaign that his work had a positive impact on “an economy in the fall of independence.”

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