June 24, 2024

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Class action against Ottawa | Young Quebecars are back on the court for the environment

Class action against Ottawa |  Young Quebecars are back on the court for the environment

(Montreal) Young Quebecs will return to court this week to do justice to the federal government, criticizing it for not making enough efforts in the fight against climate change.

Roxanne Ocompo
The Canadian Press

Representatives of Environment Juenas and Trudeau Johnston & Lesperance are seeking a Quebec Court of Appeal to move forward with collective action against Ottawa.

They are taking legal action in the hope of not only forcing the hand of Canadian authorities to increase their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also to implement the measures necessary to achieve this goal.

According to them, it is about their right to life, security and equality, as well as the right to live in a healthy environment.

In July 2019, Superior Court Judge Gary Morrison ruled that although the environmental cause is undoubtedly of importance, the target age range in the application is a subjective choice for its part.

Class action will be brought on behalf of millions of Cubans aged 35 and under at the start of operations, i.e. in November 2018.

He stressed that the government had failed in its responsibility towards the younger generation, especially those threatened by the environmental crisis, and the need to take action before crossing a stage of recovery.

The same arguments will be upheld before the Court of Appeal on Tuesday, said Catherine Gautier, director general of the organization.

She noted that regional and federal governments use a 35-year limit in their policies for young people. “For us, this is not an arbitrary limit and we always have a file,” she told the Canadian Press.

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And despite the slowdown in the courts, Mr.To me Gautir believes that the fight against global warming must take place in a number of areas.

“Although the deadline is sometimes very long, even though the climate crisis is longer than is necessary in terms of short-term action, these are still very powerful tools, powerful and truly unbearable. Missing.”

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