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Colorado election official said he felt pressured by the Republican chairman to submit wrong election results

Colorado election official said he felt pressured by the Republican chairman to submit wrong election results

However, Buck said that he only asked the official to carry out the state’s Republican position that technical problems at a party assembly meeting in March had foiled a key vote, even though a district court judge later said that the candidate should not take part in the vote sound. .

His argument was about who would represent the Republicans in the race to fill limited seats in the State Senate District 10. Two Republicans, Rep. Larry Liston and Republican activist David Stiver, compete for it. Each must receive 30% of the votes from the Republicans in the district at an assembly meeting at the end of March to make a major vote.

Liston meets the threshold, while Stiver does not.

Stiver later complained to the state party, saying the election, held through an email and conference call voting system due to the coronavirus pandemic, was carried out unfairly because what he said was not enough notice when the online voting would begin, improper use of the voting system and raise alternatives for choosing. Two GOP state committees, the Executive Committee and the Central Committee, considered the issue and sided with Stiver in April.

Buck, in his capacity as chairman of the state GOP, told Eli Bremer, the state election official who conducted the initial assembly nomination process, that Stiver should be included in the ballot papers. Bremer, however, argued that the election had been carried out correctly and Stiver did not receive the necessary votes – and adding him to the ballot would constitute electoral fraud.

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Buck, as party leader, stepped down.

“I can tell you that only members of the Central Committee voted 52% to 48% to adopt the Executive Committee report. Do you understand the order of the Executive Committee and the Central Committee, that you will submit the documents to including Mr. Stiver and Mr. Liston at the vote with Mr. Liston receiving the top ballot? “Buck asked in an April 17 conference call, according to the audio that was first revealed by The Denver Post and obtained by CNN.

“Yes, sir, I understand. The Central Committee has voted that requires me to sign a false written statement to the state,” answered Bremer.

Buck answered, “And are you going to do it?”

“I will seek legal counsel because I was asked to sign an affidavit stating that Mr. Stiver received 30% of the vote. I need to seek legal counsel to find out if I put myself in danger of a minor violation for doing so. I will consult with legal counsel, “Bremer said.

Buck asked again, “And do you understand that the Central Committee has ordered you to do it?”

“Yes sir. I understand that the Central Committee has ordered me to sign a statement stating that a candidate gets 30% who did not and I will seek legal counsel to determine whether I can legally follow that,” Bremer stressed.

Buck ended back and forth with, “All right, Mr. Bremer. I understand your position.” Bremer finally did not send the wrong results.

The congressman has not yet responded to several requests for comment from CNN. He did not oppose the authenticity of the audio in an interview with the Post and said he only asked Bremer to follow in the footsteps of the state Republicans.

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“What I ask Eli to do is not to commit fraud, I ask Eli if he understands the decision of the Central Committee and whether he wants to follow the Republican Central Committee’s request,” he told the newspaper. “It’s not that I’m asking him to do something because I have a personal interest in the process.”

Bremer criticized Buck in an interview with CNN, calling him “the most arrogant man in any room he has ever been in.”

“And he decided that he would only rule me and try to jump in football and grind my face in it and say, ‘No, you will break the law because I am a member of Congress,'” Bremer said.

Bremer was finally brought to justice, filing a “friendship suit” brought to him by his deputy Karl Schneider to free him from having to submit the wrong election results. District Court Judge Michael A. Martinez ruled that the certificate of appointment submitted to the secretary of the state office indicated that Stiver as a candidate would violate state law because he did not receive at least 30% of the district vote.

The Colorado Republican Party appealed to the state Supreme Court, which on Tuesday refused to hear the case.

Stiver told CNN on Thursday that he had submitted documents to the Colorado Supreme Court to return the case to the district court and his name on the ballot.

“Nothing now, nor have I been given the opportunity to fight the mathematics of the Senate District 10 Executive Committee, analyze total votes, review e-mail communications, text or telephone records to determine whether what they say is true and factual,” Stiver said.

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CLARIFICATION: This headline has been updated to make it clear that the election officials who accused him of being pressured to submit wrong results did not.

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