June 24, 2024

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Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh is dead

Rush Limbaugh applaudissant

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III Forever Great, Brave and Intelligent Giant and the Pioneer of RadioHis wife Catherine said in a statement posted on the host’s official Facebook page.

Rush Limbaugh revealed on his radio show last February that he had developed lung cancer. Talk-show Most listened to in the country.

His influence was once called ironic Republican Party leader By Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh, a controversial figure, has often been accused of spreading false information and conspiracy theories.

He supported me from the beginning. [C’était] Un Grand Gentleman, Donald Trump responded by phone on the Fox News Channel.

He is a special person. He has extraordinary insight, The former president also said before adding: Rush was confident we had won [l’élection présidentielle de 2020], And I believe in it too.

I believe I won on a large scale, He reiterated, reiterating an argument that does not stand up to facts.

Born in Missouri in 1951, Rush Limbaugh began his radio career in 1971, but suffered several setbacks at various stations. In 1984, he was hired by a station in Sacramento, California, which was looking for a glamorous style host.

His most famous performance, Rush Limbaugh Show Launched in 1988 and became very popular on American radio. This three-hour daily program was heard by an average of 15 million listeners in 2020.

He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump in April, the most important civilian honor America can bestow.

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