May 23, 2024

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Danny Turcott is the victim of the pros of anger

Danny Turcott is the victim of the pros of anger

Danny comes from Turquoise Leave his post when everyone is talking about it. It was rumored that he was uncomfortable with the new formula live.

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We understand that he is paying above all the prices of the joke he made in the last show against Mamadi Kamara. He specializes in the lynching pack of provocative experts, media canning and public insults. On Twitter, he took public revenge.


This is not his first joke. Not even his first embarrassing joke if you will.

But apparently, in our egalitarian world, certain social “groups” are outside the realm of humor. The one who does not respect the forbidden sacrifices. The awful culture of lynching that makes clumsy jokes a culprit now has its skin. He served as an example.

Some say he resisted the pack. They may not know how bad it is to have an army of aggressive and malicious little reptiles in your back, never losing the chance to spit in your face. Not everyone knows how to deal with a permanent public defamation campaign.

Whether we are left, right, center, sovereign, autonomous or federalist we should be concerned.


Allow me to return to a recent event.

In early December, I had a little live pass of arms with Danny Turcot‌ during a visit to TLMEP. She has a certain echo. Nothing personal about it. I would be at a loss if I did not say sorry for his plight. There is a good sense of humor about him, usually the cubois, which fits the show well.

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I sincerely hope to see him again soon in our airwaves, on a project where he can deploy all of his talent.

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