June 16, 2024

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David Baazov donates to charities, spent decades in the business world

After decades in a reputable business career, international founder David Baazov decides to focus his efforts on philanthropic causes. One of his notable efforts was a 1 million CAD donation to the Migdal Ohr (Tower of Light) Foundation.

Many of Baazov’s communities revolve around educational efforts. He believes in the power of education as a tool to make greater change in the world. Students at campuses such as Tel Aviv University and Migdal Ohr have benefited from his donations.

Baazov’s early life and professional background

David Baazov was born in Israel and moved to Montreal, Canada, when he was one year old. In his teenage years, he started multiple businesses. This set the way for Amaya Inc. to be later created as one of the most successful online gaming companies. Baazov is the founder and previous CEO of Amaya Inc., which went public in 2010.

Baazov transformed the online gaming industry through his entrepreneurial efforts in building Amaya Inc. After years in global business, he targeted his efforts toward those in need and started financially supporting various communities.

Generous contribution to the Migdal Ohr Foundation

Baazov’s charitable efforts stem from his passion for giving to communities needing extra support. At Migdal Ohr, Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman provides educational guidance and support to children from troubled or underprivileged homes. Due to the sheer impact of Grossman’s well-rounded program, Baazov gladly contributed 1 million CAD to the organization.

Its main campus is located in Migdal Ha’Emek, a town between Haifa and the Sea of Galilee. Here, children from overcrowded apartments, drug-exposed lives, families involved with crime, and poverty can receive a holistic education with the necessary comfort and support.

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At Migdal Ohr Israel, over 6,000 students access resources that help their mental, physical, and spiritual health. The organization was established in 1972 and continues to inspire children to become strong, independent citizens. Teachers, donors, and friends involved with Migdal Ohr see each student’s potential, allowing the community to thrive year to year.

The organization is a well-known institution recognized by some of Israel’s top political leaders. It has also expanded to countries like the United States, helping students in need gain new strengths and skills. Migdal Ohr USA has three campuses, 15 schools, over 1,300 staff and volunteers, 15,000 alumni, and over 10,000 students.

Some programs at Midgal Ohr locations include daycare, dorm family living, elementary to high school education, after-school youth clubs, teen youth villages, and college and career training.

Success-driven initiatives to inspire today’s youth

The generous Migdal Ohr donation is just one of the ways Baazov gives back to global communities after decades in the business world. Based on his success, children today can benefit by receiving richer education and safer environments to grow.

Baazov is confident that the organizations to which he gives only provide a brighter future for young people. He knows they set the stage for the next generation of teachers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Therefore, one of Baazov’s top priorities is inspiring today’s youth after a successful and fulfilling career.

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