April 14, 2024

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Delta is working with the union to eliminate 2,300 pilots

Delta is working with the union to eliminate 2,300 pilots

Delta Air Lines Inc (DALN) and its pilots union said on Sunday it was working to avoid the impulses of about 2,300 pilots following a restructuring process that could be applied to flying crews in the summer of 20300.

Delta said this month that it will have more pilots in demand as it reduces its network and fleet as demand drops from the COVID-19 epidemic, but is working to avoid involuntary furloughs.

Following the results of Sunday’s “surplus” attempt, which asked staff to attack positions available at one of Delta’s seven US pilot sites, the airline pilots union’s (Alpha) Delta’s Master Executive (MEC) said in a statement.

Delta confirmed the release of the auction results, saying that it “looks at all options to mitigate or reduce furloughs,” and “will continue to work with Alpha in the coming weeks to explore those options.”

Atlanta-based Delta, with about 91,000 employees, announced details of early options on Thursday, including layoffs for non-union employees, full health coverage and travel benefits.

The major US taxpayer has received billions of dollars in tax payer assistance. Airlines have warned that they should cut their staff when the government-imposed job cuts ban on September 30 ends.

After air travel demand almost disappeared in April, U.S. airline executives have pointed to some green shoots, but the industry is not expected to return to passenger traffic for at least three years.

Alpha said Delta will continue to meet on early or voluntary leave projects, adding that it is “hopeful that management will continue to work with Alpha to secure pilot jobs.”

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