June 24, 2024

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Double salary? The number of French people in Quebec may soon increase

Double salary?  The number of French people in Quebec may soon increase


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Sputnik France

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MIA “Rosia Segodnya”


Kirill Batarin


Kirill Batarin




Sputnik France

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MIA “Rosia Segodnya”


Sputnik France

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MIA “Rosia Segodnya”

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Quebec plans to significantly increase the immigration rate by 2022 by providing attractive conditions for new Quebecs. A good opportunity for the French who are not yet one of the motherland yet champion countries in the world competition for skilled workers.

Presented by the Quebec government in late October to the National Assembly of this French-speaking province in Canada. Quebec Immigration Plan 2022.

The document provides for the reception of a record number of new immigrants on Quebec soil, with a maximum of 70,500.

The measure also explained the need to “know incomplete admissions by 2020” due to the health crisis.

Quebec officials are also announcing that attracting workers is one of the priorities of next year’s immigration plan.

“The selection and entry targets set by the Quebec government will help meet significant labor needs in many key sectors of the economy, with economic migration representing at least 65% of the workforce. All immigration by 2022”, according to Department of Immigration, Franchise and Integration of this Canadian Province.

The French people in Quebec are eagerly awaiting

In the face of global labor shortages, Quebec Francophone could be an interesting destination for the French, BFM TV reports.

This region of Canada in particular offers a standard of living and wage comparable to that of France.

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According to media reports recalculating the official data of Canadian officials, gross salaries in professions such as nurse, mason, electrician or boilermaker can vary from 4,300 to 5,100 euros per month. Statistics that make some French citizens cross the Atlantic to settle in the Atlantic Francophone Society in North America.

Switzerland champion in attracting talent

In the old continent, the problem of manpower, especially in relation to highly qualified employees, remains timely, BFM TV continues.

According to a survey conducted by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, “Lack of qualified labor” (69%) and “labor cost” (53%) are considered necessary challenges for recovery for Luxembourg employers. Kovid Economy.

In France, the unemployment rate is low, with almost everyone living in Switzerland, according to media reports. Its statistics can be explained by the fact that many French people in this neighboring country show off their professional talents.

And not only the French, because the Swiss Confederation is at the top 2021 Competitiveness Ranking On Talent, founded by the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) and the Portulance Institute.

Singapore and the United States then topped the list.

Report France’s 19th place in the world represents the best place in its history.

Canada is ranked 13th, while European countries are ranked 17th in the top 25.

Their talent is also rated by experts for competitiveness in 155 cities around the world, with the top five positions being held in San Francisco, Geneva, Boston, Zurich and Luxembourg respectively.

Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Marseille are ranked 32nd, 59th, 73rd and 89th.

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