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EDward Gaming has selected their Worlds 2021 skins

EDward Gaming has selected their Worlds 2021 skins

EDward Gaming, the champions of the 2021 Worlds League of Legends, have already finalized their final selections for the 2021 Worlds Skins.

EDward Gaming is coming soon on their 31st

Last Saturday, November 6, the Grand Final of the Worlds 2021 League of Legends was played, a memorable BO5 match between current world champion DWG KIA and LPL Summer Split Champion EDward Gaming. The meeting kept all its promises and finally ended with a 3-2 victory for the Chinese team. This is the second international title of the Chinese company after MSI 2015. In addition to receiving a cash prize and a portion of the Summoner Cup, it is customary for players of the teams that won the World Championship to select champions / skins with their effigy; As the winner of Worlds 2021, Edward Gaming members also had the opportunity to choose the champions they wanted to be the World’s theme skins and worked with Riot Games to customize them.

At a traditional press conference held after this famous meeting, players from the Edward Gaming Formation revealed what champions they could have imagined for skins on the Worlds 2021 theme:

  • Flanders : Graves or Jace (out of a total of 21 matches played at Worlds, Flanders used Graves 11 times and Jace five times)
  • Gigi : The champion he represents → The champions he has played the most are Jarwan IV and Jin Zhao (three options in the final). There may also be Lee Sin, Olaf, Talon and Vigo.
  • Scout : The champion he used in the final was Rise, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate or Joe
  • Viper : Azriel, Aphelios or Lucian
  • Meiko : Lulu, Yuumi O Nami
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Obviously, this is just a wish list, the Riot Games have the final say in the final selection of champions, but according to the latest information circulating on the web as well as on Reddit for a few hours, EDward Gaming has already reportedly finalized their options. For 2021 Worlds Skin, here are the things we should not expect:

  • Flanders : Graves
  • Gigi : Vigo
  • Scout : Joe
  • Viper : Aphelios
  • Meiko : Lulu

If Jeijei, who rarely played throughout the tournament, was not selected (only 1 pick in the final 4th map), the other champions on the list would be in line with EDGs’ wishes. However, to get the first information and first glimpse of Worlds 2021 skins, you need to be patient to get the first visual feedback on all skins in the month of April.

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