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Employment agencies | Arruda asked Quebec to intervene

Employment agencies |  Arruda asked Quebec to intervene

(Quebec) National Director of Public Health, dr Quebec Solidarity (QS) reacts to Horacio Arruda, personal placement agencies.

Caroline Plante
The Canadian Press

On January 6 dr Rarely recommended that the government intervene with agencies to demand training and monitor their performance in infection prevention and control (IPC).

This recommendation is one of the 14 written opinions of the Doctor.r At the request of the opposition parties ’express, the rarity was revealed last Friday after months of insistence.

“This is an intriguing piece and it raises a lot of questions,” QS co-spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said in an interview.

According to him, in the first wave of the pandemic employment companies greatly contributed to the movement of staff between companies, which spread the coronavirus.

“Surprisingly, as of last January, public health is still concerned about the role that employment agencies may play in the spread of the virus.

“What has the government done since January with this recommendation? […] What actions were taken? Asks Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

In late January, he recalled that QS had organized a precessional caucus, which was largely a question of employment firms and the problems they caused during the crisis.

According to the party, these private agencies are being used more than ever. They maintain the power of attraction on the employees of the public network for better working conditions.

This will exacerbate staff shortages and feed work overload in hospitals, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois said. He said they should be monitored urgently and seriously while waiting to remove them.

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In the long run, the Legalt government recognizes the need to reduce the use of employment agencies, “but here and now we must at least monitor them,” Mr. Nadeau-Dubois stressed.

“This passage in the views of public health, our fears, is the confirmation that we not only have them, and that public health has also put its finger on Bobo.”

He was shocked, however, by dr On January 6, 2021 Arruda made a single recommendation on the oversight of agencies, Quebec has been in crisis for almost a year.

“I can’t believe there have been talks before. This is not acceptable,” he said.

“From the first weeks, we know that the presence of employment agencies can lead to staff displacement and especially training issues.

“In January, if it’s the first recommendation, it’s a very big issue. If it’s not the first, it’s also a problem, because the question is: what happened in these months?

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