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Eve Laundry | Desire to see anywhere

Eve Laundry |  Desire to see anywhere

Actress Eve Laundry will play the lead role of the play from March 15 The enemy of the people, At TNM, then at Trident, in Quebec. The first in his rich career. Meeting with impatience only to be asked to explore new avenues.

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Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

They’re all there: Robert Gravel, Andre Lachapelle, Sylvie Dropio, Pierre LeBeau … From the posters on the walls, the faces of these holy monsters look at Cafe du Nouveau Monde with Eve Laundry. Just in pose, wrapped well in an ecru woolen cloth, but wearing sandals without sandals. The addition of “her big face” (according to the main interested party) to the pantheon of artists who have played leading roles in TNM productions will soon be relevant to the actress.

“It touched me a lot to think about it. I had dinner with my mother at Cafe du TNM a few years ago. I did a supporting role in the play. St. Carmen of the Hand. One day when I’ve been headlining on TNM, I told our mom that her daughter is well settled in Montreal and she can tell herself that she is having fun! It’s absolutely impressive when I think of all the big names that have passed here. ”

Impressive, sure, but nothing more dear to the heart of this girl from Boss-Saint-Laurent than the honors bestowed on her by the inhabitants of her hometown of Saint-Pascal-de-Comauraska. “There is a piece of trail with my name and my handprint on it. This gesture really touched me because my big dreams as an 8 year old kid were born there. ⁇

These dreams were born in front of the small screen, where artists would see themselves changing for roles before parading in beautiful costumes … They took her to the Montreal Conservatory, where she was accepted from the first hearing. And she came out of nowhere in 2007 with hopes and doubts.

Go beyond the Magallanes characters

In September 2012, First episode airing date ofUnit 9, Eve laundry stormed into viewers’ lives. We learned to hate her – before loving her – in the role of prisoner Jean Biran. It was his carol that brought us to tears Can you hear me And the role of her lieutenant Melanie Charron brought a little toughness to the post District 31.

Photo provided by Radio-Canada

Eve laundry in Reasonable doubt

She is an intriguing, wealthy and charming doctor in the Canadian radio detective series Reasonable doubt. This role allowed him to finally change into jean and Caroline’s jogging pants for high heels and designer clothing. “I think this is my first time going to CCM [costume, coiffure, maquillage] For something other than tattoos! The 36-year-old actress said.

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“I played a lot of girls, less educated girls. Ever since I left Jean Biran, I have wanted to play different roles, move elsewhere, as an actress. I want to hit the strong woman and mother in me. These are things I have not yet explored on television. Going to less violent areas and playing with more confident women can be fun. ⁇

Loyal women like her? “I have faith in myself, yes, but I have no consciousness about the reputation of my characters. I have a big mouth, but no argument! ⁇

The first big character on the boards

In theater, she will have the opportunity to defend a leading role for the first time in her career The enemy of the people, By Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. “When I got the role offer dD Katrin Stockman, I did not hesitate. Then came Vertigo! I was shocked and I still wonder, how am I going to get there! Theater is a marathon. I have been boosting my immunity since September to make sure I am in good condition!

“There is so much intimacy to this character! Much more than me. She is very confident that what she said is true. I doubt it a lot. I understand that we can never change each other’s mind. I keep my energy rather than getting angry and want to make the driver aware of non-stop! Katrin, she will never let go. There is a risk of missing … ”

Innate power

Although this is the first time the two women have worked together, director Edith Pattenade has no doubt that Eve Laundry will discover the truth of this strong character.

“Eve is always around me. We were roommates for a while in Quebec when she came to play a play in Trident. To play the role of Katrin, I was looking for a strong actress, but there was also a very charming side. Eve has it all. ⁇

Photo by Marco Campanozi, Press Archives

Edith Patenade, directorThe enemy of the people

In the play Ibsen, published in 1882, dR Stockman is a man. Convinced to help the villagers by teaching them that the water coming from the spa is polluted, Thomas Stockman sees himself as being expelled from society by his fellow citizens, the media and political forces. Edith Patenade decided to change this character into a woman. “If we do not question gender in the repertoire theater, there will always be an imbalance between men and women. These texts were written for men and men at that time … we should no longer consider the gender of the characters too big, more than the source of the actors who describe them. ⁇

“However, I did not choose Eve for her androgenic energy, but because she was socially attractive. We want to impress him! She is able to read strong speech, and can express it all emotionally. She is an amazing actress, very hard working. ⁇

The enemy of the people, Despite its dramatic content, is not a play without humor, recalls Edith Patenad. Here, the comedy Eve Laundry is not on the shoulders of the character, but, according to the director, has everything the performer needs, with a wonderful sense of humor. Timing, To describe himself in a more comic register. “Eve is so funny, even if she gives anything serious. She is so capable of being a nanny! ⁇

She’s funny though

Eve laundry, comedian? Despite her years as a star improviser, especially in the National League of Improvement (LNI), the artist still doubts herself. “I do not find myself joking. Besides, I’m never jealous of comedy characters on TV, but I’m not jealous of all the dramatic characters!

Photo by David Bailey, Law Press Archives

Florence Longpre and Eve Laundry on set Can you hear me

“It’s wrong,” said her longtime friend Florence Longprey. Eve is so funny, maybe she is though! I would not hesitate to give him a comedy role. One thing is for sure, Florence Longprey did not hesitate to hand over the role of the most touching Caroline in her series to her great friend. Can you hear me, A character she clearly created for herself. “I know she’s very talented; Although he has a few lines, I also know how hard she is at justifying this role. With Carolanne, everything had to go face to face and without saying. ⁇

Beautiful … and impatient. Florence Longprey confirms this: Eve Laundry’s tattoo on her forearm – “Remember you are impatient” – is very accurate. “It is true that she was impatient, but I just laughed! ⁇

Eve Laundry agreed that this tattoo would help set her limits, not asking herself that it was impossible. “My children, ages 5 and 4, ask me on their own: ‘Mom, have we exceeded your limits?’ But this impatience also helps me in my work.When I receive texts, I swallow them even at night!

Florence Longpre adds with a laugh: “Eve has another tattoo that she is less proud of: a very bizarre tattoo of Jean Qi laughing and Jean Qi crying masks. You can write! ⁇

It’s gone.

The enemy of the peopleMarch 15 to April 9 at TNM and April 19 to May 14 at Trident

Eve Laundry is in power No families

Photo provided by UNIS TV

Eve went to meet typical families for the laundry documentary series No families.

Another first: Eve Laundry will host a documentary event from April 7th No familiesOn United TV. “I went to Quebec and Canada to meet 13 typical families who chose to live by their principles and their values: a family that has been riding a bicycle for 11 years, a single father in Anticosty, a Zero Waste family … every encounter reflects on the life choices we, my boyfriend and I made at home. When I received the offer, the epidemic lasted for a year. I could not resist. My boyfriend also advised me to leave, saying that it’s good for everyone! I really need to go out and meet people! I think this show made me a better mother.

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