June 16, 2024

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Extension of wearing a mask: “acceptable barrier under the circumstances”

Extension of wearing a mask: "acceptable barrier under the circumstances"

Quebec National Director of Public Health, Dr.R Luc Boileau announced the management of wearing a mask in public places in the province until April 30 due to an increase in hospital admissions for COVID-19.

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“Living with a virus does not mean forgetting it. That means being careful, “said D.R Luc Boileau, COVID-19 Although “very circulating” in the province. In addition, 75% of new cases of Kovid-19 fall under the highly contagious BA.2 variant.

The National Director of Public Health is of the opinion that wearing a mask is “not a big restriction” depending on the circumstances and is not afraid of civil disobedience to the maintenance of health standards.

Despite the increase in the number of hospital admissions for Kovid-19, re-detention of Quebec is currently excluded. “I do not intend to recommend to the government to add measures such as closure. We are not there yet.

Authorities will “re-evaluate” the situation surrounding the mask-wearing by the end of the month.

The 4And Extended dose

One-third of those hospitalized with COVID-19 were over 60 years of age, while DR Boyle announced the booster dose expansion of the vaccine.

Therefore, people aged 70 and over can make an appointment on the Click Sante site from Wednesday.

Appointments are available from Monday, April 11, for those 60 years of age and older.

“No time to sing”

The Director of Public Health insisted on recalling isolation rules after coronavirus infection.

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Isolation is mandatory within five days of receiving a positive test.

“In the next five days, you may find that you may be infected for 10 days and resume some activities,” he explained.

“This is not the time to go to a restaurant, sing or entertain people” in the days following COVID-19 infection.

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