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Foo Fighters dance to music

Foo Fighters dance to music

Distributing drum competitions with a ten-year-old girl and coming on stage despite a broken leg, Dave Groll has, in recent years, earned the coolest rock star title on the planet and a new album from Four Fighters. Midnight Beauty, Strengthens this position by adding dance pop melodies to the American group’s arsenal.

These are not empty words when Groll describes the Fo Fighters’ tenth record before Christmas as “Saturday Night Party Album”.

Pop turn is confirmed from’s first funky guitar notes Making a fire, Violet, with gospel-inspired “my, my, my” support from Dave Grohl’s 14-year-old daughter.

It’s hilarious, optimistic. The album was recorded before the epidemic, but we can swear the group realized that we wanted to be lighter when we discovered their new songs.

Adele, Sia and P! Producer Greg Kurstin’s contribution to NK’s collaboration with pop stars of Caliber must have something to do with it.

Not forgetting the boulder

Of the other three pieces Midnight Beauty Put on pop costumes: Awesome Cloudstopper, Groove at will, title track and Love dies young, Which concludes the album with a successful note.

Fu also tries his hand at the Paul McCartney-inspired ballad Chasing birds. There is nothing disrespectful, but it does not create history.

For the rest, naturally, it is enough to chase even a little. Waiting for a battle, Whose introduction includes a stamp of the group’s classics, Catching poison And I do not have a son, With its chorus you want to leave the steam, brings the raw rock to the screen.

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Surprising success

On the contrary, listening Midnight Beauty, This is the first essence, Shame shame, With its disturbing melody when restrained, it is very much in the nine songs on the show.

The song looks pale, facing the rest of the album.

However, Foo Fighters stay away with honors. Without the best albums at their concerts, Midnight Beauty Proving a group a surprising success, it shows that it can revive itself while continuing to take itself too seriously.

Midnight Beauty


  • Top songs: Making a fire, sound stopper, no son of mine

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