April 18, 2024

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George Floyd protesters saved the trucks

George Floyd protesters saved the trucks

The driver of a truck that entered the Minnesota protesters deciding the death of George Floyd told authorities that most of the marchers protected him from attacking, the state governor said Monday.

Tim Walls and other state officials say Larry Bogdan did not want to cut down on the people of Wachargo.

“After he was told that he didn’t kill anyone, the driver stated that the crowd, the majority, was protecting him,” Valls said. “The protesters were defending the driver. They seem to have run into the crowd because they realized how dangerous the situation was.”

When discussing the incident, the governor cited an infamous case involving the 1991 LA driver Rodney King, who was pulled from his car by police and severely beaten.

“Minneapolis and St. Paul peacekeepers defended it [trucker]”We tried to kill them, even after they had appeared at the time,” Valls said of Sunday’s incident in Minnesota.

Protests have erupted in Floyd’s death in Minnesota, throughout the United States, including New York City.

The 46-year-old black man died of a white Minnesota policeman’s neck for nearly 9 minutes during which he must be arrested in connection with a counterfeit $ 20 bill – a horrific incident caught on video footage.

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