April 16, 2024

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Official ME Report on Massacre in the Death of George Floyd

Official ME Report on Massacre in the Death of George Floyd

The district medical examiner who oversaw the case of George Floyd in Minnesota ruled his death a homicide.

“Cause of death: cardiac arrest that complicates law enforcement, restraint and neck compression.” Official report of the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

“The Behavior of Death: Murder. How the injury occurred: The disciplinarian was arrested for cardiovascular disease
The law enforcement officer (s) are controlled, ”the statement said.

An autopsy on a 46-year-old black man found that it had “other significant conditions: arterial colitis and high blood pressure; fentanyl addiction; Recent methamphetamine use. “

The report stated, “The death classification is the legal function of the medical examiner, which is part of the death certificate for vital statistics and public health purposes. The conduct of death is not a legitimate determination of guilt or intent and should not be used to pursue a judicial process.

“Such decisions are outside the purview of the role or authority of the medical examiner.”

The report was released just hours after Private Medical Examiners, employed by Floyd’s family, claimed that he had been killed by pressure from his neck and white police during a routine bust in Minneapolis on March 25.

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