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Get a free repair program for iPhone 11 touchscreen issues

Get a free repair program for iPhone 11 touchscreen issues

Given the nature and design of smartphones, the touch screen display may not be the most important part of the phone, but at least for consumers. When this happens, the phone becomes very useless, becoming an expensive paperweight, especially if it is an expensive iPhone. Fortunately, Apple has, from time to time, acknowledged that this is not the user’s fault, and will launch a program to repair or replace screens that do not work at extra cost, similar to this new program for a specific batch of iPhone 11 units.

There have been some complaints about the iPhone 11 screen since its launch last year, but some are less serious than others. Some reports last June Perhaps the worst annoyance about the screen getting green is that it at least affects the functionality of the screen. Some users have experienced unresponsiveness to touch the screen, which renders all screen phones useless.

Apple acknowledged that such an issue existed and blamed the faulty display module. It also says that only a small percentage of iPhone 11 units exhibit this behavior. Since there is no big fuss about such a critical bug, we will take Apple word for it.

Not all iPhone 11 models are affected by these touch issues and Apple only accepts those made between November 2019 and May 2020 in the repair program. Of course, consumers don’t know that off-hand so Apple has a small web-based utility to check if you qualify. If you have, you will need to go through the regular authorized service channels.

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The IPhone 11 display module repair It is free and those who have already paid for repairs prior to this event can ask for a refund. Apple claims that if the iPhone 11 has other damage than the touch, the owner will have to pay before the display module can be repaired.

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