May 23, 2024

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Hardware stores are prone to theft

Hardware stores are prone to theft

One of the effects of the rising cost of living is an increase in thefts from hardware stores.

Moreover, a survey by the Quebec Association of Hardware and Building Materials (AQMAT) found that 68% of owners have noticed an increase in theft in their shop.

“There is competition between interest rates and inflation, which makes some people steal. There are two types of people, there are people who can’t get their needs met. They don’t rob the whole store, but if they lose a part, they open the boxes and there are professional thieves,” said Richard Darvey, president of AQMAT.

Reselling products is a growing phenomenon as it is easy thanks to platforms on the web.

“Since the advent of resale platforms like marketplaces, there have been people using them to sell new materials. This is correct in itself, but the buyer should be more vigilant to avoid getting involved in theft,” he says.

To avoid buying stolen products, the president recommends asking resale sites for proof of purchase.

A new survey reveals that employees are involved in a third of shoplifting incidents.

According to the president, employers are playing with fire because of the economic context.

“The real culprits are the owners because they let the wolf into the fold. With this labor crisis, if someone shows a CV, we are ready to accept it and we shouldn’t,” said Mr. Darvey emphasized.

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