April 14, 2024

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Here are the main causes of stress at work

Here are the main causes of stress at work

Do you feel stressed at work? You’re not the only one; Millions of Canadians experience this every day. Some causes are more stressful than others. Here are what employees reported most, according to a survey.

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Difficulty separating your personal life from your professional life is a major source of stress, according to a survey conducted by global recruiting firm Robert Walters last June. People who work from home are particularly affected.

Too much work and lack of stability were other reasons cited by thousands of survey participants.

“It’s not really surprising considering the media coverage of the turmoil in the economy and the mass layoffs at large corporations,” said Martin Fox, managing director of the Canadian branch of Robert Walters to CTV. He told the news.

Since the beginning of the year, several companies have had to lay off employees, from Meta to Bell Canada. Quebecor was also forced to cut positions at its company in mid-February.

“Low pay is another source of dampening sentiment,” Mr Fox pointed out. “Employees are questioning their salaries due to inflation and high cost of living.”

How to reduce stress at work

Mr. According to Fox, it is essential for employers and employees to explore effective coping strategies to manage stress in the workplace.

If this stress is not managed properly, it can lead to increased employee burnout, lack of motivation and low levels of productivity.

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The director recommends that companies strive to foster an open and positive environment where employees feel safe to voice their concerns. Managers need more training to lead and communicate empathetically with staff who are going through difficult times at work.

For employees, Fox says, don’t be afraid to ask co-workers for help or advice. He also suggests implementing a better work-life balance by “going completely offline” outside of work hours.

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