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Here’s what we know about Joe Biden’s possible VP list

Here's what we know about Joe Biden's possible VP list

Dozens of women are running as Democratic running mate Joe Biden’s running mate – but the former vice president and his campaign are tight-lipped about who’s on the list.

In addition to promising her mate as female, Biden has revealed little about the selection process or who the leading candidates are.

The former Vice-President knows one or two things about discussing his favorite position, and said he is critical of the person he chooses to step into the presidency “one day.”

In the three months since he was nominated, Biden’s campaign has questioned whether it would be best used to encourage minority voters or win over white, working-class Midwestern voters who backed President Trump in 2016. According to Politico.

That discussion, the store reports, shaped the Vice President search process.

In recent weeks, the conversation has taken on a new tone, triggering protests and riots across the country that killed a white police officer following the murder of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, on Monday.

The murder video went viral after it was posted online, sparking a nationwide rhetoric about police brutality against minorities.

A source familiar with the vice presidential selection process described the campaign’s view of the need for a black running mate in the two weeks that Floyd was killed.

During those two weeks, according to campaign consultants and surrogates, the focus shifted to ethnicity.

Before that time, however, Biden faced considerable pressure to choose a woman of color to join her ticket.

Biden owes the Democrat primary victory to the endorsement of Republican Jim Claiborne (D-SC), who declared his support for Biden ahead of the South Carolina primary.

The former vice president spent a few weeks trying to get approval to try to revive his campaign, which has been on the ropes following bad shots at the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

Claiborne voices Biden about his desire to choose a running mate as a black woman, arguing that his predecessor’s candidacy is owed to black women in South Carolina who breathed new life into his campaign.

After an interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio show last Monday, Biden found himself in contention, telling host Charlemagne that he was “not black” when he considered voting for President Trump.

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Charlemagne and Biden were talking about whether Biden would choose an African-American running mate when a Biden assistant tried to cut the interview.

“Listen, you have to come see us when you get to New York, Vice President Biden,” Charlemagne said as a biden aide tried to finish the call. “It’s a long way until November. We have additional questions. “

“Do you have any further questions?” Biden replied. “Well, I mean, if you’re having trouble finding that for me or for Trump, you’re not black.”

The outrage for the comments was swift. Biden has been accused of taking his large African-American support to a bar, a sentiment shared by Charlemagne after the interview.

The former Vice President tried to retract his remarks, saying later that day: “I shouldn’t be so careful. I have never, and never will, respect the African-American community. “

Chen. Kamala Harris
Chen. Kamala HarrisChip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Former Vice President 2020 primary competitor Chen is the number one candidate on the Biden House list. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) Is in.

Harris was shot in the front of the pack during his own run for the Democratic nomination last year, notably by separatists known in his first debate with Biden for his opposition to the buses and his desire to work with senators.

Since then, relations between the two have been heating up. Harris quit racing late last year and Biden approved a few days after his Super Tuesday show.

The California senator said he was really the VP. Despite refusing to publicly acknowledge that he was a precursor to the job, he has certainly worked to be in Biden’s favor.

A member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, he wrote to President Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) In mid-May, asking him to shift his attention away from the investigation into Hunter Biden and the corruption allegations of Ukrainian gas company Purisma. Holdings.

In the letter, Harris Johnson continued to accuse him of “pursuing biased political matters … and doing nothing to help the millions we serve.” He wrote the letter as millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the corona virus.

On a more personal note, Harris and Biden share a common bond with his late son Beau Biden. Harris worked with the younger Biden during his time as California Attorney General.

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Biden was serving the state of Delaware at the time.

Atlanta Mayor Geisha Lance Bottoms
Atlanta Mayor Geisha Lance BottomsVia Ben Gray / Atlanta Journal-Constitution AP

VP Harris is not alone on the short list. Atlanta Mayor Geisha Lance Bottoms and Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) Are favorites.

As for Bottoms, her relationship with Biden is one of the strongest of any women considered.

The mayor of Atlanta is considered a loyal person, and he was immediately endorsed after Biden launched his campaign last year.

While serving as the former VP’s vehicle, Bottoms’ support never wavered when he volunteered in Iowa in the early days of his campaign and stumped for months in the South.

Although Biden has said he wants to be a running mate despite the “symbiotico” in principle, the bottoms are becoming a choice with some caution.

Bottoms have recently risen to national prominence after delivering a powerful speech on riots during peaceful protests as a result of Floyd’s murder.

Bottoms, who was convicted of violent robbery on the streets last week, said the wrong people were insulting the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He was widely praised for his handling of the riots.

Replica Wall Demings
Replica Wall DemingsDrew angler / pool via Reuters

Demings like bottoms, VPs. The short list is not number one. However, looking for a running mate has seen their share rise significantly.

Given the outrage over Floyd’s murder, Deming’s background makes her an interesting, and timely choice.

Prior to being elected to the House of Representatives in 2016, Demings made history as the first female police chief in the Orlando Police Department.

He is part of a great political power couple in a big swing state; Her husband, Jerry Demings, is the mayor of Orange County, located in an important swing area of ​​Florida.

In response to Floyd’s killing, Demings demanded reform in law enforcement A Washington Post op-ed “My fellow brothers and sisters are blue. What are you doing?”

In fact, Demings has confirmed that he will be his companion by the Biden campaign. He refused to comment on the matter.

Chen. Elizabeth Warren
Chen. Elizabeth WarrenSean Raeford / Getty Images

Chen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Is also the preferred VP. He hopes to be considered for the slot.

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The former 2020 Democrat has been in “regular contact” with Biden, and is raising his case with his longtime Senate allies as he makes his case his mate. He sends the message to Biden and those close to him, he is eager to join the team.

The former 2020 trustee plans to hold a major online fundraiser next month for the former vice president, despite the usual condemnation of big money in politics. Warren will approach his wealthy donors to raise money for the party’s candidate.

While the ultra-moderate Warren and Biden are regularly spurred on the campaign trail, the Massachusetts senator has softened on the former VP for months.

After dropping out of the race following his inexpensive Super Tuesday performance, Warren noted the end of Biden’s campaign to accept his bankruptcy plan, which would be a major push for student loan reform. According to CNN.

The policy change meant a lot to the senator, especially since the two had been embroiled in the issue for decades.

The network said the couple “don’t practice like they’re friends,” and the other believes the other is in politics for “the right reasons.”

Speaking to MSNBC in mid-April, a few hours after Biden’s approval, Warren said yes if asked to be his mate.

New Mexico Gov. Michael Lujan Grisham
New Mexico Gov. Michael Lujan GrishamSusan Montoya Bryan / AP

There were test items demanded by the government’s Michael Lujan Grisham (D-NM) Biden campaign, Politico reports Back in mid-May.

Grisham addressed the statement when he appeared on CNN at the time, saying he would “do whatever it takes” to support Biden in his White House bid.

Chen, a Thai-American Iraq war veteran. Tammy Duckworth (D-in.) Is also considered.

When Duckworth and the campaign were to be considered, his fellow Senator from Illinois, Sen. Sgt. Dick Durbin, when he spilled the beans Speaking to the Chicago Tribune Last week.

“I support Tammy Duckworth. He’s fascinating, a great colleague, and I hope he gets well in this interview, which I think is going to happen soon, ”he told the paper.

During the MSNBC appearance, Biden was asked whether he had any hunting supplies or anything from the campaign, and he shrugged off, arguing that he wanted Biden in the White House. .

Chen. Tammy Duckworth
Chen. Tammy DuckworthGreg Nash / Pool via Reuters

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