June 22, 2024

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Hot and cool weather: Tips for maintaining your swimming pool

Hot and cool weather: Tips for maintaining your swimming pool

Who says good weather, says swimming too, but the heat affects the condition of swimming pools, increasing the risks of bacteria in the water and equipment breakdown.

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“[Un bon entretien] Not only does it save the investment, it also saves the swimmers,” said Geoffrey Charlebois, Director of Retailer Development at Bio-Lab.

Here are some tips for maintaining your pool in hot weather:

Along with regular products such as chlorine or balancing products, it is a good idea to use a stabilizer to prolong their effectiveness and help clean the water.

“It acts like a sunscreen for chlorine,” says Charlebois. He notes that the chlorine burns off less quickly with this product, allowing it to work for about 6 hours.

During a heat wave, it is important to check the pool water level because it evaporates more quickly. A water level that is too low can not only affect the effectiveness of cleaning products, but also prevent equipment from working properly.

When it’s hot, we like to swim to cool off. So, in these cases, “a lot more contaminants are going to be introduced into the water,” explains Jeffrey Charlebois.

Hence shock treatment is very important to remove them.

If you’re unsure about the products to use, it’s possible to have your water tested at a retailer, Mr. Charlebois mentioned. To do this, bring a sample in a vial so the employee can analyze it. But be careful, it should be analyzed within an hour after its collection, otherwise the data may be incorrect.

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