April 18, 2024

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Hydro-Québec monitors the fire “very close” to its transmission lines

Hydro-Québec monitors the fire "very close" to its transmission lines

The Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire (SOPFEU) reports that lightning-caused forest fires are under surveillance in the Manicougan sector near some Hydro-Québec facilities. The fires are just over 3,000 hectares in size.

Prevention and Information Officer SOPFEU As soon as Isabelle Gariépy is populated, infrastructure conservation is a priority.

We have ground resources working in the area and making sure to protect Route 389 and Micoua-Saguenay facilities. There are some fires in the area that we are trying to contain and contain.Isabelle Garipi says.

Prevention and Information Officer Isabelle Garipe (file photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Lambert Gagne-Coulombe

For its part, Hydro-Québec is continuing its monitoring to ensure that its facilities, such as the Micoua-Saguenay substation, are not greatly affected by the forest fires.

[Le poste Micoua-Saguenay] One hundred kilometers from Baie-Comeau and under surveillance. The fire has not reached the post yet so there is no trouble at the momentHydro-Québec spokeswoman Cathy Hamel explained.

However, other facilities such as some transmission lines in the Outerdes-3 hydropower station area are more at risk, it said.

People work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and that our employees are safe. »

A quote from Kathy Hamel, spokeswoman for Hydro-Québec

The fires were very close to the lines, even under them, but they heldMs. Hamel argued. Our equipment is robust, but we are monitoring the situation hourly to avoid breakdowns in Quebec.

The north coast is under surveillance

The state corporation ensures that vigilance has been increased across the North Shore territory.

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At the moment, we are monitoring all fires on the North Coast. We take a close look at our facilitiesCathy Hamel confirms. Everything is done remotely and our team monitors heat and smoke to prevent overheating.

An emergency center was opened to monitor the Manik, Outerdes and Bersimis sectors.

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, was passing through the north coast, two planes SOPFEU sent to the Baie-Comeau region.

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