June 24, 2024

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In tennis, you have to win to get rich: Felix Agar-Aliassime comments on athletes’ salaries

In tennis, you have to win to get rich: Felix Agar-Aliassime comments on athletes' salaries

Players’ salaries are a topic of discussion. Cole Caufield recently signed an eight-year contract with the Montreal Canadiens at a salary of $7.85 million per year, and he said: “It’s really a lot of money, it doesn’t make sense”. Football player Lionel Messi just signed A lucrative deal with Inter MiamiAt $53 million a year… What does Felix Agar-Aliassime think about the staggering salaries in sports?

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“From the outside, you’re sure to say, “Wow!”. When you see big deals and stuff, but people don’t do things with losses. Entrepreneurs who offer this kind of contract, they know that there will be consumers to make it profitable. They expect something back. That’s how it’s done in business, And it’s not so different in sport,” explained the Quebec tennis player.

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On the other hand, there is no salary agreement in tennis. Player must win tournaments to earn money. “In tennis, you have to fight for every penny, but if you do this and you succeed, you can create an image, even a brand, and partners will come to help you. . . (for example sponsorships like Babolat and Adidas, in Felix’s case.)

“But certainly, when we make these salaries, it’s important to give back to different causes.”

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