April 14, 2024

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Jeep owners are hunting ‘Easter Egg’ after the viral tectonic video

Jeep owners are hunting 'Easter Egg' after the viral tectonic video

You can find Easter eggs all year round – if you are a keen eyed jeep owner.

The 20-year-old college student was sparked by an internet scuffle after making a major discovery when he was gasping for a day.

“So I bought my first car, and one funny fact about the Jeeps is that they have a hidden animal, called an Easter egg,” Jackie Foster Says in the video released on Dictock.

“Well, I couldn’t find my Easter egg for a very long time. One day I was running out of gas and I saw a spider coming to me and I said,” Oh my God! ”- I realized it was my Easter egg. “

In the clip, “Jeep Was Realizing Tring Me Get”

Before long, social media was filled with similar discoveries among adventure jeep owners who went for Easter egg hunts in their vehicles for quirky stamps and stickers.

Foster later released a follow-up video in which he told Renegades that users had more than one Easter egg.

He then sees an oscilloscope on the dashboard and a Saskatchewan image on the back window.

“God, it’s there,” he says triumphantly.

One of the many users who invented their own Easter eggs TikTok user atekatepetersonn, Who found a small lizard through his windshield.

User @ katie.deren She even found a jeep inside her jeep.

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