May 19, 2024

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Complete Canadian News World – Live February 13: No “South Africa” ​​variant / confinement measures in Moselle. - Live February 13: No "South Africa" ​​variant / confinement measures in Moselle.

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8 pm – Reconstruction case by South African variant in intensive care

Professor Jean-Damien Record, head of the intensive medicine and resuscitation service at Louis-Mourier Hospital (Pigeons), said the 58-year-old man had acquired a mild form of Kovid-19 in September and is now in intensive care. Care after contraction of the South African variant of SARS-CoV-2. Regarding the information in France, he explained: “This is the first time an acute infection has been described with a variant, and therefore with a different viral strain from the first infection, and indicates that the patient’s immunity developed during his first infection is inadequate.“.”He has a severe form of respiratory distress and needs to be kept on artificial ventilation. It warns us of those who already have an infection, for whom the antibody test is positive“.

6 pm – No additional coercion in Moselle

Although several hundred cases of Kovid-19 have been linked to the South African variant, the government has so far refused to take any new coercive measures in this territory. The Minister of Health calculated on the speed of the vaccine campaign and the massive testing process. In addition, in the rest of France there will be 10 loneliness instead of 7 days. Some opposition officials, especially Metz Mayor Franకోois Grossdier, protested and believed the school holiday should be brought at least a week earlier.

4 pm – Single dose of vaccine for HAS, patients treated by Kovid

HAS (Hot Autorite de Sante) is updating its view on vaccines of people with a history of Kovid-19. The company recommends: ” Individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2, as confirmed by RT-PCR or antigen testing, should be protected by at least 3 months post-infection, regardless of whether they have developed a symptomatic form of Kovid-19. Immunity. Current data do not allow the moment to rule on an immune response beyond 6 months. HAS therefore recommends that the vaccine be administered over a period of approximately 6 months and that it should not be considered until 3 months after infection.
At this stage of knowledge, already infected people have an immune memory. This can lead to giving only one dose to people infected with SARS-CoV-2, regardless of how long the infection has been present. A single dose of the vaccine acts as a reminder

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2 pm – EHPAD residents revolt

Citizenship, an association for the protection of EHPAD residents seeks to reduce health restrictions. Cytonez President Philip Vender, 83; “We need more freedom after vaccinations. We have already lost one year in our lives and the rest of the years are triple or quadrupled, they are limited“.

12 noon – Warship to rescue Mayotte

The Le Malin patrol, which has been restricted since February 5 to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic and the appearance of the South African and British variants, left Reunion Island for Mayotte this Friday. This vessel will have additional oxygen reserves.

(Minister of the Armed Forces) With Florence Parley we decided to send the Le Malin patrol boat to Mayotte. He left Reunion this morning and will be in the area with oxygen reserves to a hospital in Mayotte on Tuesday. He will spend a few days in the border control systemForeign Secretary Sebastian Lecorr said.

10 a.m. – Sudden deterioration of the epidemic situation in Dunkirk

North Prefecture announced on Saturday that it was strengthening measures against Kovid-19 in Dunkirk to try to contain the “deteriorating” situation. Wildly“As the circulation of the English variant accelerated, the mayors did not order the closure of the colleges and high schools requested. The prefecture emerged.”While the incidence rate was 515 cases per 100,000 residents against 384 a week ago, the existence of the English variant accelerated in the territory“.
In practice, Prefecture chose to postpone the arrival and departure of classes in nursery and elementary schools to avoid overcrowding and for middle and high schools to function. “In mixed mode to reduce the number of students attending (interview / distance education)The responsibility for wearing the mask in public places will also be extended to the Urban Community of Dunkirk and the Houtes de Flandre Community of Municipalities from February 14.

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8 a.m. – France: Incidence and reduction in hospitalization

According to the latest data communicated by Public Health France last night, these are:

– 3,427,386 positive for SARS-Cov-2 from March 1 (yesterday 20,701, 130,639 in 7 days, 143,260 in the previous 7 days);
– 27,572 people were hospitalized for Kovid-19 (1,148 balance versus + 302 in the last 7 days, 1,405 in the previous 7 days)
– 3,298 in Intensive Care (271 admissions in the last 7 days + 63 balance versus + 115 in the previous 7 days, 24 hours);
– 81,448 died since March 1 (2,841 in 7 days and 2,983 in the previous week)
– 1,870,925 first anticoagulant vaccine injections, 252,249 second injections.

7am – Update on the world

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, there were 108,357,853 cases worldwide (105,447,720 vs. February 6) and 2,387,192 deaths (February 6 vs. 2,300,427). The three countries with the highest number of cases identified and reported were the United States (27,515,633 vs. 26,813,735 on February 6), India (10,892,746 vs. 10,814,304) and Brazil (9,655,455 vs. 9,447,165 on February 6). The United States (481,379 vs. 459,554 on February 6), Brazil (237,489 vs. 230,034 on February 6) and Mexico (172,557 vs. 164,290 on February 6) are the three absolute dead countries.

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