April 23, 2024

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Killer bees ?? !! Twitter is scared

The Asian giant hornet is nicknamed the "murder hornet." And yes, it's as bad as it sounds.

Now we can worry about something else: A giant insect, the largest bee in the world, which can kill humans just by stinging it several times.

Meet giant Asian bees – also known as killer bees.

For the first time, a giant bee was found in the United States, specifically in Washington state, scientists said recently.

From the looks of it, Twitter doesn’t receive too good news.

“Murder Hornets and Covid-19 became like,” Jose Rosado tweeted.

“(Tornadoes, viruses, schools canceled, and now the electricity goes out)

One of my five-year-old children: Dad, is the world over ??

(He doesn’t know about aliens and bee killers)

Me: No, of course not.

Lying parents have to tell their children, “said Jeremy Elrod in twitter.
“I told Jesus not to come back until I got married and had children, but I’ve changed my mind! He can come back now! Too much, now there are sightings of killer bullets ?? No, come on, come back Jesus!” Singer Michelle Williams tweeted.

“Government: please stay inside.

Universe: I’ll take it from here. MURDER HORNETS, “Media Betches tweeted.
“Today’s word of doom is the killer bee, brought to you with the letter M,” tweeted Gracie Wiley, along with the fire meme “this is fine”.
“Oh, I’m sorry … did they say bees KILLING ???” another user tweeted.

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