May 23, 2024

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Kovid-19: Encouraging the opening of heated terraces?

Kovid-19: Encouraging the opening of heated terraces?

Epidemiologist Nima Machouf believes that outdoor activities need to “promote” and encourage restaurants and bars to install heated outdoor terraces.

“The Japanese have studied that outdoor broadcasting is 19 times less expensive than indoor broadcasting. So let’s leave the free game to all those who want to do outdoor activities,” he said.To me Machouf in an interview with Quebec Morning Weekend.

Health officials still need to wear a mask when a distance of two meters is difficult.

Opening the terraces helps to reassure the public and keep the wallets of the traders safe.

“We can also promote restaurants to heat outdoor terraces, which will revitalize shops, restaurants and bars. In my opinion, this is a completely safe move if we go out,” the epidemiologist said.

Nima Machouf does not expect an outbreak in April, contrary to what a professor at Johns Hopkins University predicted.

“Currently, unfortunately, we are not left to finish in April. And especially with the arrival of new variants, every time we see what level it takes, so we are not already at the end of the epidemic, ”she said.

However, the epidemiologist said that Quebec should be “very good, downhill”.

With the advent of variants, early detection of new cases is more important than ever.

“The important thing now is not only to reduce the number of new infections, but to quickly identify all the contacts of these people and differentiate them from others,” she says.

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