May 23, 2024

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Interests of CAQ

Interests of CAQ

Are we back to the time when we received the part of the road in Quebec where every riding won? If we trust Prime Minister Legalt and the CAQ actions on the Quebec City Tramway, we can trust it.

“Okay, listen, first, I’m from Montreal, so I’ll not start (there),” the prime minister said, explaining what sectors he would like to better serve with his new route for the Quebec Tramway. .

He then referred to Fran కానిois Bonnardell, a non-transport minister from Quebec. Hopefully that is not the standard, otherwise we are in a bad situation.

This response highlights a fundamental problem. The government does not want a change in the tram route for scientific reasons, politically. He wants to respond to his customers.

One vote, one project

The minister in charge of the region, Genevieve Gilbolt, confirmed to TVA Novels.

When asked what the message is to better serve the suburbs, Mr.To me Gilbolt replied, “The entire margin is represented by the CAQ members. We are new to Quebec, so it is very common and desirable for us to make sure that the interests of suburban citizens are upheld and promoted. ”

Will we get back to it? Vote, project? Regardless of the science and work done by experts for Tramway and its network? Does the government need to represent the interests of all citizens?


Several shareholders in the file are concerned. Even experts.

Mary-Helen Wanders‌missen, director of the Department of Geography at Laval University, condemned government intervention, saying, “It takes us decades ago: when roads were built instead of votes! It’s awful that in 2021 we’ll still be there. “

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