May 19, 2024

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Laura Trump, the new Republican darling?

Laura Trump, the new Republican darling?

We have not completed the saga surrounding Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, and we are already counting on his chances of returning in 2024.E If the president falls again or runs out of the law and has to step aside, Trump’s name will soon end up on the ballot.

On Sunday afternoon, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham told reporters that Laura Trump represents the future of the Republican Party. This statement offends those who still believe that we can crush the Trump family and return to a slightly more moderate political establishment.

It is not impossible to expect the planet to send a message to North Carolina Senator Richard Burke. The latter provoked the anger of many of his colleagues by voting in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment. A spokesman for the Trump clan is threatening revenge by suggesting he will succeed him in the 2022 midterm elections.

Who is Laura Trump? Is she really thinking of jumping into politics? Laura Lee was married to Eric Trump in 2014 by UNESCO. The president’s daughter has left her role as news magazine producer Inside edition Join other family members in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

During Donald Trump’s tenure, Laura was loyal to 45 peopleE President, and given the role of senior adviser to the re-election campaign. There is so much involved, she will be paid US $ 180,000 for her involvement.

Like other members of the clan, Laura Trump has given false information on numerous occasions and she has been embroiled in numerous controversies. Whether she joins a right-wing activist in Florida or helps establish her brother in the energy sector when he lacks valuable experience, she certainly embraces the style and manners of his stepfather.

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Is Laura Trump seriously considering running for office in North Carolina? Despite Lindsay Graham’s enthusiasm, she never expressed her intentions. However, his candidacy was not unanimous. Other politicians have already declared that they want Burr to succeed and are not sure if family background will benefit Donald Trump’s daughter.

Donald Trump won by a very small margin in the traditional state of North Carolina in general. So we are less in favor of this type of politics and we turn to a more traditional politician. Laura also argued that the candidacy promotes democratic mobilization, especially among black voters, who are likely to influence the outcome of the vote.

The next few months should give a good picture of the situation in the Republican Party. While many hope for Trumpism without Trump, at least one member of this clan can legally inherit the family. Will Laura Trump be a candidate in 2022? As in other cases, different factions of the political structure work harder and the struggle is intense.

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