May 19, 2024

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Record of cold in Texas: “We have never seen it”, tells a Quebec on the spot

Record of cold in Texas: "We have never seen it", tells a Quebec on the spot

The town of Frisco, north of Dallas, did not live up to its name, and on Monday Texas experienced an unusually cold snap.

“Currently it is -13 degrees. With the wind factor, we were told about -22, -23 degrees, “said Alain Duttil, a Quebeker who has lived in Frisco since 2012, told TVA Novelles.

The city, like other states, has been experiencing unprecedented cold in recent decades. “We have not had cold temperatures so far. We have already seen very cold temperatures, but approaching -13, we have never seen it,” Mr Duttil said.

According to meteorological services, mercury fell below -14 below C in Dallas, breaking the record of -9 ° C a century ago in 1909.

In addition to the cold, Mother Nature brought good snowfall, which made Texas a temporary northern state.

“The biggest problem is the cold. […] The process of building houses in Texas is not as isolated as in Quebec. The cold comes in a lot. Power companies cut off power every hour, ”Duttil said.

This load shedding means that more than 4 million people are losing power at some point.

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