June 24, 2024

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Let’s Francize the Names! | The Journal of Montreal

Let's Francize the Names!  |  The Journal of Montreal

Everyone talks about francization when thinking about the service provided or the language of communication, but who cares about the social names or festivals or events that disfigure Montreal and Quebec in general?

Regional Nonsense Pact.

Don’t be surprised if Dominic “English” threatens the English language.

Let’s focus instead on the lies of Ulysses, but on the city of Montreal, with its bilingual mayor.

The Association of Development Societies has just unveiled its vague measures to ensure that Montreal speaks French.

Its general manager, Billy Walsh, who seems like a good guy to me, presented a pilot project where teachers affiliated with the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal would go directly to participating businesses to teach workers in Molière in the field.

How not to appreciate such an initiative?

Thus Saint-Denis, Saint-Laurent, Côte-des-Neiges and Wellington streets will be targeted first.

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Already, it is worrying to know that Rue Saint-Denis needs “Francisisation”…

Then, who will clean up the names chosen by our immigrants who call their businesses Church Street Pub (because it’s on Church Avenue), Verdun Beach or Sweet Lee’s?

In Hochela, on Ontario Street, is the Blind Pig Bar, not far from Gerry’s Delicatessen Restaurant.

You can get something to eat at the pickup in front of the Lazy store.

Those with a car can get it repaired at one of the many bumper to bumpers.

  • Listen to Gilles Proulx and Richard Martineau meeting live every day at 10:45 AM QUB-Radio :
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Gone are the days when an American retailer like Staples had the decency and intelligence to change its name here to Staples.

And these foreign social causes are not the crux of the problem either: they want to be good little Quebecers. Universal Those who choose English names…

Quietly, we return to the face of Montreal in the 1950s…

It is this mentality that must be fought, but we must refrain from naming names.

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