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Lillip SK departs gaming for MAD Lions Madrid

Lillip SK departs gaming for MAD Lions Madrid

Following his split from LEC with SK Gaming and his dismissal, Lillippe decided to sign with the Spanish academic team, MAD Lions Madrid. He teamed up exclusively with the former top planner of the TP Adequat Academy, the French Guy.

Direction Spain for Lilip

SK Gaming wants to start the 2022 LEC season with key players in its 2021 season squad, namely Xenox, Jeju and Treatz, who later regained their support position. To complete its lineup for the 2022 season, the German club have hired two new players, Gilius in the Wild and Certus in the Midlane. Ersin “Blue” Gören and Philipp Samuel “Lilipp” Englert both left SK Gaming in the off-season, the Belgian midfielder signed with Dignitas next season and German support is still considered a free agent to this day. .

Recruited as a nominal support of the academic team by SK Gaming in December 2020, just weeks before the start of the summer season, Lillip joined the first team in the final transfer window; After finishing sixth in the Spring Split, the German club management chose to make some changes in its workforce, which were widely criticized and ultimately had a devastating effect on the lineup. TynX was eliminated from the starting five and replaced by team support Treatz. In terms of support position, it was first given to Jesse, the head coach, before he was replaced by Lillippe a few weeks after the team’s most disastrous start to the summer split.

Treatz has decided to renew his contract with SK Gaming‌ and return to his original duties as current support; Several teams were interested in the competitor’s profile and therefore approached him, but Treatz eventually decided to stay with SK Gaming so that he could continue playing in Europe, more specifically in the LEC. So Lillippe has no choice but to find a new team for the 2022 season and his contract usually expires on November 15, which allowed him to explore his options next year.

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After several weeks of reflection, and rumors circulating for some time on his account, Lillip will play for MAD Lions Madrid next season; He replaced Denik as Norwegian player Tor “Tor” Hoyle Eilertsen, who was part of the Excel squad at the LEC between 2019 and 2021. Lillip is not the only new signature to the MAD Lions Madrid for the 2022 Super League season, the Spanish team welcomes three more new signatures: French top planner Gaithan “Gaithan” Barron (former TP Adequat Academy), jungler Mike “Hades” Jonker, (former UCAM Sport) as well as Nicholas “Den Voxne” Mailbee (formerly London Sports); MAD Lions Madrid’s midline was occupied by former top planner Jonas “Knight” Bridger Jensen. Hendrik Daniel “Karakal Jr.” Mendez Rizzipsma has been appointed as the new head coach and the Spanish team has also used this transfer window to review a portion of their coaching staff.

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