June 18, 2024

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Make way for readers | A desirable curve… in the middle

Make way for readers |  A desirable curve… in the middle

Our call to form a centre-right coalition has received hundreds of different responses from you. Here is an overview.

Posted yesterday at 4:00 pm.

Time for a revival

I am a former dequist who has been described as the left fringe of the party, a three-time re-election candidate, environmental file representative, party executive member for six years and VP for two years. I retired from politics in 2006, but if this party sees the light, I will enter again tomorrow.

I can no longer bear the soft attitude of our Prime Minister. François Legault could not long tolerate failures in the process of repatriating Afghan interpreters and issuing passports. Also, this genetic centralization frenzy of Trudeau’s, right down to the concentration of powers in the Prime Minister’s office, makes him incapable of changing the federation even on simple matters like a single tax form. Finally, I fully agree with most of the aid programs in place, but Mr. Trudeau was unable to plan back to minimum fiscal consolidation.

The choice on the right would be a farce if Mr. Poilivre is elected, but whatever happens in the leadership race, the Conservatives will always be troubled by two movements that have no political future in Canada: the religious right and its desire to reopen the debate on abortion, and Junkies The fight against climate change can be as painful as cold weaning.

It is high time for political renewal in Canada.

Christian de Serres

Extremely tired

An alliance between socially responsible conservatives and fiscally responsible liberals? why not I’m tired of extremists causing their downfall with their threats not to vote for mainstream parties. How can Poilivre stay in the race even after the collapse of Bitcoin, which was only supported by extremists? We cannot live with persistent deficits without mortgaging our children’s future.

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Paul MacNeil

can rule

If Mr. Poilivre ever wins the Conservative Party leadership race, it will be necessary and imperative to form a liberal-conservative coalition party that sits in the middle. How can we maintain a healthy democracy if we do not have at least two national parties capable of governing? Pierre Poilievre’s political arguments, which lack the fluidity and tone and manner of Donald Trump’s style, will diminish the Conservative Party at the national level, creating a vacuum across the political spectrum and paving the way for a new formation. A party that is closest to the values, aspirations and concerns of Canadians. It will definitely be necessary.

Pierre Dupuis

Progressive, but cautious

This is the only option. The current Conservative Party of Canada is heading straight for the wall. Charest had no time to rebuild and unite the finished party members. Brian Mulroney didn’t even recognize himself at this party. But what? Give Canadians an alternative to a credible, progressive, but fiscally prudent Liberal Party that remains relatively popular despite all that in the current context. Jean Charest, an experienced and intelligent character, knows how to do it quickly, while completing his current political program to get it into the heart of this new party. He can be a leader or find someone in charge. This is an important political legacy that Mr. Charest offers to the citizens of this country who regret this dismal campaign for the leadership of a once respectable party.


It is up to conservatives to choose the “right” leader

Canadians don’t need another party of this kind: a coalition for the future of the country, and especially not under Mr. Charest…, because that would be the beginning of the end, when more and more prudently and prudently, conservatives would elect a leader who could unite them and not divide them… but who ?

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Daniel Dufour

The center moved to the left

The right (which often has good points) is very off track with climate change, and they are moving to the extreme right with its systematic refusal to recognize the urgency of the situation. Actually, I think the center will move to the left. Équiterre, the David Suzuki Foundation is no longer part of the extreme left, their movement is also to the right of what is required by the scientists of the IPCC. Extinction Rebellion now navigates to the left. So the center is moving away from this wild capitalist right to extract maximum resources from the earth without regard for future generations.

Luca Methot

Should be suitable for public service

The Liberal-NDP is doing well despite the number of passport office wanders and airport mismanagement. The federal public service should be better adapted to working from home, nothing more.

Bernard Lupien

Subscribers to minority governments

With Mr. Poilivre as leader of the Conservatives, I believe Canada will be electing minority governments for many years. I don’t see Quebecers voting for a party that wants to oust the Governor of the Bank of Canada and has an extremist leader who supports the Independence Convoy. Western Canada will rally behind him. But he can win his elections, in Ontario and Quebec, it will be very difficult. A new party will win over disappointed Canadians, but win more minority governments. The regime still needs alliances.

Serge Leduc, Pincourt

Yes, with a leading candidate

Yes, the player has a place in the middle of the Canadian political spectrum. CAQ proves it after all. Is Jean Charest the man for the job? I doubt it. It takes a unified candidate, a bearer of a joint project and a renewal for an Albertan, Quebecer and Newfoundlander. We must give up the clientelism that is playing out now. A communicator, someone who can reconcile the interests of every province and every region.

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Mark Ladurantaye, Val-d’Or

For a true conservative opposition

I am not a conservative at all, but on the other hand, I believe that a conservative opposition is absolutely essential to the health of our democracy. I sincerely hope that the conservative movement in the country will shed its undesirable far-right tendencies. On September 10, the idea will be whether the conservatives will be able to form a new party or if they will be able to drive out the extremists in their party.

Lucy Allaire

No thanks!

What I still believe and always have believed is that Canada was not designed for us, Quebecers. Choosing between Trudeau, Poilievre or Charest? Really! No thanks.

Francois Labbe, Sherbrooke

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