May 19, 2024

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Massive departures of new PABs: Pay the odds at the heart of the tensions

Massive departures of new PABs: Pay the odds at the heart of the tensions

There is a pay inequality for tensions between experienced beneficiary attendants and newcomers who are quickly trained during a health crisis, Quebec’s Liberal Party judges.

For Monique Save, the official opposition spokeswoman for seniors and family caregivers, the Legalt government should pay all PABs the same salary, to avoid dissent that could lead to inoperable working environments.

PABs resigned

The Journal of Montreal Revealed Friday One-third of the 9,451 Beneficiary Servants (PABs) received a $ 9,000 grant in the first summer and were quickly trained. Last summer, the training was completed or not completed. Their work. Some knocked on the door, showing threats of overwork and more senior employees.

The health ministry on Friday argued that only 428 of the 6,853 PABs in the first batch who completed the training had resigned.

New PABs who resign before the end of their probation must repay their $ 9,000 scholarship.

“Beneficiary attendant at Intermediate Resource earns $ 14 per hour, a PAB who is just trained now earns $ 26 per hour on a CHSLD,” Mr said.To me Save, however, speaks of injustice in the same establishment, which causes conflict in the forces.

A Fabre member said she was sensitive to the reality of experienced PABs and newcomers to the network after slaughtering the first wave of CHSLDs, but she sickly denied the threats and work environment. Journal.

“We need to address inequality and be able to boldly recognize the work of all PABs, from one kind of establishment to another and in the same establishment,” she continued.

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Ongoing discussions

Negotiations are underway to revive collective agreements for government employees and the budget deficit in Quebec is substantial, but liberals hope the government can find the money to make PAB’s wages more affordable.

“I want to tell you, we have no problem finding billions to build seniors’ homes, while most seniors confirm in surveys that we do not necessarily want them, that you want to stay at home,” MP Save concluded. .

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