June 16, 2024

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Mobility in Quebec: CDPQ Infra makes its report public

Mobility in Quebec: CDPQ Infra makes its report public

In June, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) will make public its highly anticipated report on mobility, which is currently being finalized.

“As part of our mandate to analyze mobility in the CMQ (Metropolitan Community of Quebec), we will submit our report to the Quebec government in June,” CDPQ Infra spokesperson Michel Lamarche confirmed Tuesday morning. Newspaper.

“In the following days, we will present this report and inform the public about all the work and analysis that led to our recommendations,” she also indicated.

The mayors of Quebec and Lévis have confirmed in recent days that CDPQ Infra is committed to disclosing its conclusions before making them public.

Although the report was sent in advance to the Quebec government and mayors Marchand and Lehoulier, CDPQ Infra retains control over the exact moment of its distribution.

Before Midsummer

According to our information, the publication of the report will take place in the week of June 10 or 17. One thing is for sure, it will be done by midsummer, sources close to the matter have confirmed.

In November 2023, after putting the tram project on hold, the Legault government ordered the CDPQ Infra to think about the future of mobility in the Capitale-National region. The aim is to identify the best infrastructure network for Quebec as well as the link between the two coasts.

CDPQ Infra completed its extensive consultation in late April 2024.

No “tampering”.

Asked Tuesday whether publishing the CDPQ infra report was a guarantee of independence, Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand was cautious.

“I have no doubts. The government was honest. He would have presented the whole thing. I don't think there would be a traffic jam. The government would have submitted the KC document. It would be great if the fund provided it. This is a sign of transparency. They will be able to give complete assurance to the people,” he said.

After this report is presented, Mr. Marchand hopes.

During the announcement with a cultural flavor Mr. Attending alongside Marchand, Johanna Rolland, mayor of the French city of Nantes, described the extent to which the tram had “transformed” her city.

“Ask any local [de Nantes] How valuable is the tram to operate safely, on time [et] With eco-friendly travel, he'll tell you it's obvious,” she assured. The latter recalls how “alive” the debates were in Nantes during the reintroduction of the tramway in the mid-1980s.

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