June 16, 2024

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Legault rejects the reorganization, angry with impatience

Legault rejects the reorganization, angry with impatience

In Quebec, a cabinet reshuffle expected by many in June may be postponed for a few more months.

In doing so, Francois Legault risks further angering some of his 87 elected officials, who have long dreamed of joining the Holy of Holies.

Worrying “partial”

A source said the defection of whip Eric Lefebvre, who became an independent and federal conservative candidate in mid-April, had the effect of loosening the tongue.

The impatient are not shy about expressing their frustration, talking loudly about it to political opponents and even subtly threatening to resign, which has the effect of triggering one or more by-elections.

The fear of another painful defeat, such as that of Jean-Talon in the autumn of 2023, will make everyone at CAQ nervous. The ballot was necessitated by the departure of “impatient” Joel Boutin in the summer of 2023.

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Quick reorganization

If by chance Francois Legault takes over the reshuffle in June, he will have to make hasty, heartbreaking choices.

On the one hand, the pillars of his Council of Ministers seem hard to move: Dubé (Health), Girard (Finance), Fitzgibbon (Economy), Drainville (Education), Lebel (Treasury). “When we don't touch these big issues, what's the point of reorganizing?” Indicates a source.

Legault could very well dismiss Eric Kair, whose record in terms of computer files is disastrous. But with what consequences? Risking by-elections in CAQ stronghold?

One thing is certain, Francois Legault will never be able to satisfy all those who dream of becoming ministers. “And by trying to pacify two or three impatient people, he will probably create many more!” Someone is whispering in my ear.

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In addition to known intolerance, such as Gilles Bélanger (Orford) and Yuri Chassin (Saint-Jerome), one particularly impatient person is spoken of.

Alice Abou-Khalil (Fabre) has an impressive resume. In the “Training” section alone, it has 13 topics, including several computer networking certifications. A former Cyber ​​Security Auditor for Desjardins Group (2020-2022), she holds a Harvard Certificate in Risk Management in this subject.

Screenshot VAT NEWS

Many people do not understand why she was not appointed as Cyber ​​Security Minister instead of Eric Cair. She herself, reports a source, has already publicly expressed her desire to occupy the position. A parliamentary aide from Cairo, a source said she was underutilized. Mme Khalil is reported to have told the Prime Minister's Office that she will get excellent salaries in the private sector.

Her disappointment at not being a minister led her to realize that at least one PLQ elected official would “treat her better” in the official opposition. Conservative Party leader Eric Duhaime, who is “always in recruitment mode”, has her in his sights and even mentions her in a letter addressed to all CAQ elected officials: “Don't believe me that a Harvard graduate in cyber security is no better than Mr Keir to undertake the digital transformation.

Lefebvre on the edge

And, as if that weren't enough, Eric Lefebvre is also threatening to be partially provocative in Arthabasca. After becoming independent, we say it on the edge. The break with his former team was brutal, with some former teammates unable to digest his departure and not letting him know. Lefebvre has interpreted the recent motions from the government as a form of revenge because he has fallen out with his new political party, the Conservative Party of Pierre Poilivre. He also threatened to provoke a by-election by resigning.

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