June 18, 2024

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Nikki Haley said Trump could not run for another position

Nikki Haley said Trump could not run for another position

Washington | Donald Trump will not run for the presidency in 2024, as former U.S. ambassador to the UN Nicki Haley predicted in an interview published on Friday, which predicts he will “remove” the Republican Party by insisting on rejecting his presidential defeat.

Mr Trump’s loyal former governor of South Carolina, who is currently on trial in the Senate for “inciting a coup,” said she was “deeply upset” by the former president’s attitude. Competed for the November 3 result. Election.

“He will not run for federal command,” she said in the interview Political On Jan. 6, just days after Donald Trump supporters attacked the capital, elected officials confirmed the ballot result.

“I don’t think he’s there, I do not think he can, he’s fallen too low,” she explained.

A former Republican ambassador has criticized Trump for denying evidence before and after the election that brought Joe Biden to power as “massive fraud.”

In this open public critique of Donald Trump, Nicky Haley said, “We must recognize that he has disappointed us.

“He took a path that he should not have taken, and we should not follow him and we should not listen to him. We should not let it start again,” he added.

“I can not recognize him anymore,” she said of the former president. “The person I worked for was not the person I saw after the election.”

According to her, Democrats lied to Republican voters that “everyone lied” about the election.

Nicki Haley, who regularly comments on the White House, confirmed that she is considering a 2024 presidential bid.

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The daughter of an Indian immigrant, with a strong character, became a prominent woman in government and one of the most popular members of the Republican administration until she resigned in October 2018.

She said the impeachment process in the Senate, which was started by Democrats to prevent Mr Trump from getting into politics, was “a waste of time”.

The former president had a great influence on the Republican Party and a majority of Republican senators condemned him and hoped he would refuse to join the Democrats.

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