April 18, 2024

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NYPD bike cops break ‘turtle uniforms’ amid riots

NYPD bike cops break 'turtle uniforms' amid riots

NYPD cops dispatched to the demonstrations are fitted in motocross gear, which they call “turtle uniforms.”

Elite crowd control bike cops began to wear so-called Yafa uniforms – which were taken from a “tron” film with a hard plastic shell and cushioning with spine and elbows – after authorities were injured during protests on Monday, the source said.

Designed based on BMX bike gear and hockey equipment, the Fox Racing brand jacket protects policemen from falling objects at 40 mph with falls and other injuries.

“It was created so you won’t break anything if you fall, or with a projectile to blow the blow,” a police source said.

Police have nicknamed the gear a “turtle uniform” because of the protective plastic shell like a turtle on the back of the jacket.

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Stephen Yang

Unusual uniforms have already caused some confusion – on the first night of the demonstrations, patrol police stopped crowd controllers thinking they were protesters.

The NYPD has 100 of the $ 160 suits with shield-protective helmets. Sources said officials were trained on how to use uniforms by Seattle police in the face of high-profile riots.

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